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𝐋𝐓.𝐂ol Zarma, an influence of Adamawa rising Star


𝐋𝐓.𝐂ol Zarma, an influence of Adamawa rising Star

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... making a story in the anal of history

Everyone that was born in the eighties, who perhaps tasted a bit of the military Junta of General Babagida or Abacha, must have this single story that any man in military gab is ruthless, brute, inhuman and senseless to human feelings. This however cannot be far from it. The dictatorial lifestyle of the military, issuing decrees and orders, without necessarily taking into account the felt needs and the condition of the people is good reason enough to close down on them as merciless sort of people.

It could be recalled that the successive military junta had some obnoxious policies of forcing people to go to the farm, even though you might have a lucrative venture. You dare not leave your environment dirty, as you would have yourself to blame. To say the least, they were some sorts of mini gods.

You don’t dare speak ill of their government too. To the military, criticism especially from the civilians was more or less a treasonable felony that if proven to be so, attracts death sentences. The infamous decree 4 of President Buhari for instance, incarcerated numerous journalists for speaking out against his government as he perceived. The likes of Ndukka Irabo and Tunde Thomson has this story to tell.

To a large extent, to see a fully kitted military man standing before you was like seing a mute animal that is capable of devouring you. People feared and hated the military. No love was shared. No dignity and respect for human person. No room for divergent opinion. Just do before complain. That was military era for you.

This lingering thoughts and impression perhaps lasted beyond necessary, perhaps would ever remain the single story of who a military man is to especially those who had a bitter experience with them. They can easily be forgiven for their thoughts. It’s born out of experience they live to part with perhaps till the end of their life.

That is the danger of a single story. Always seing things from a narrow and the same perspective.

Lt. Col. TB zarma however has brought a new perspective to bear. He has changed my mind, my thoughts and my perspective of the military, that they are also kind, Compassionate, empathetic, human and caring. They are also loving and caring, with Jovial disposition.

The Young officer from Gashala Kufum and a son to a retired military General, astonished many when he organised a free medical outreach to the ravaged communities of Dugwaba District. This he did to commemorate the armed forces remeberance day and he did so well to the admiration of many.

For clarity he did not only spent his hard earned money on bringing the qualified doctors and drugs, but he also fed the people. They ate and drank. He was nice and caring, mingling with the people and synpathising with them especially at a trying moment like this, assuring them that normalcy would return soon.

It is therefore, safe to say, that to every single story, there is also another story. Lt. Col. Zarma is not only a military gab wearer, but also a humanitarian.

Lt. Col. TB zarma is a close friend to Dr. Emmanuel N Musa , the President Emnamu Foundation.

Akacha Daniel Samari
Writes as an opinion moulder.