It’s no longer a news that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir David Lawal has been suspended, an act many people I’m Adamawa state described as an integrity exercise aim at clean rotting the country from corrupt leaders using the All progressives Congress (APC) members as a standard of measurement.

The news emanating from various stakeholders of the state, Adamawa people have reaffirmed their support for president Muhammadu Buhari’s anti corruption crusade, saying that there is no mount of sacrifice is too much to rid off the nation of corruption leaders (Politicians).

While reacting the majority of people commented are mostly appealing to the Presidential Committee investigating and probing the issue to give the suspended SGF (Babachir) a fair hearing for equity sake,knowing his level of uprightness before becoming the SGF.

Our correspondent who went to the streets of Jimeta and Yola,felt the pulse of stakeholders in the state discovered that Adamawa stakeholders are in high spirit that the embattled SGF would be given clean Bill of health by the panel set up by president Muhammadu Buhari to investigate him over the grass cutting contract awarded to a company allegedly belonging to him by Presidential initiative on the North East (PINE).

The Organising secretary of the ruling All progressives Congress in the State,APC, Ahmed Lawal said the Party is going through integrity test that may affect it’s fortune if Babachir is found guilty of corruption. This is to say that the fight against corruption is certainly an all round affairs and is no selective to the detriment of other people or group of people.

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According to him Adamawa people welcome the development with good heart knowingfully well that Babachir is coming out clean like the Crystal clear,urging people of the state not to read meaning to president Buhari’s action as a way to get their brother out of office.

Another APC senior member,Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa fumed that he is never happy with the development, he revealed that there are intrigues a times being played by politicians to turn black white and white black.

According to him in the context of Nigerian politics is hardly you find a straight forward person who level of integrity is not questionable.

“I’m not happy of the development because our country is corrupt to the extend that  the people who are good will be blackmail of doing the bad thing. Our Politics in Nigeria is a game believe in the outside world you must be bad, evil,becoming partner in crime to commit all sort of crime against humanity and most a times is even the most unqualified that will call upon to contest for  elective positions.

“Nigeria is such a funny country that you cannot be honest, even if you are they will even label you to be a corrupt person,standing a lone in the verge of honesty is like fighting armless at the midst of  all kinds of combatant legion of armies who are ready to fight you to the end.

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“It’s a great lost to Adamawa people, and certainly the truth shall be unravel in no distance time, I know his relationship with President Buhari is very cordial,i know Buhari has already passed a vote of confidence in him,believe you me David will not be wanting,his level of integrity will not make him to be indicted, and for him to be appointed as the SGF by Buhari it shows his integrity is in check. I think something else went wrong some where.” Uba lamented

Other stakeholders who made comments on the topical issue said the suspects something fishy noted that the Attorney General of the federation who is a member of the committee had earlier cleared him of the alleged offence based on the first directive given by President Buhari to investigate him.

Mr Leader Leneke who is a reknown public commentator in the state questioned why the first report should clear him not until when some corrupt Nigerians realises that David will not be remote control and some people within the cycle of the corridor of power ganged up against him in order to be having free deals of bargains at the presidency.

“I know with all the schemed plan against Babachir Adamawa State will be hard to get this kind of rare privilege. It’s on record for the first time Adamawa state produced the SGF,on record for the first time Christian in the whole of Northern Nigeria to be called upon for this noble assignment. I think some people are playing with our intelligence and we are losing the rare privilege. ” Said Leneken

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A former Christian Youths Leader, Mr David Simon viewed it that the whole issue is to prove that the present administration is really out to fight corruption in respective of who is who in government or out of government.

David asserted that Lawal is a noble Man whose character find detestable by some cabals at the presidency,and to him he knows what’s going to be is going to be but he think it doubting to him to be indicted of any corrupt offences.

Fear of opinion moulder in Adamawa is that if Babachir is eventually found wanting at all, the entire north east in particularly the Christian community may not have the opportunity to produce another SGF in this dispensation.

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