Gombe-Yola Road: FGN responding to the plights of people in the North East

“Leadership by example” entails,suggests leaders committed to the core values of leading people who entrusted in them responsibilities and to deliver tasks to the generality of people under their influence. When a leader listens and shares in the agony of the followers at whatever time it is needed of him to do so, such a person is being consider a great leader and has a hall mark of leadership principles.

One of the bitter complains and possibly the painted black bad site of this present administration under president Muhammadu Buhari is the sins (liabilities) of the past administrations who have failed to redeem and save the people from all range of myriads problems.

These negligence and i don’t care attitude of the previous governments to make sure contractors have been mobilised to site,monitoring and evaluation agencies and contracts awarded,revoked and reviewed contracts are painstakingly monitored to completion. These seen bottleneck problems inherited by the present regime under president Bihari.

For over a decade the Gombe-Yola federal road is consider to be a road in “valley of the shadow of death” because of the many lives it claimed and good worth billions of Naira destroyed because of it’s bad nature. For the past three months,the federal road is drawing a lot of crying,with calls by the people for government to listen to out cry in saving commuters and other road users applying the road in daily connecting the states of North-west and entire North East from Taraba and Adamawa which is sharing international boundaries with cameroon.

This year’s rainy season has exposed the deplorable nature of the road with vehicles,heavy trucks been trapped on the road and bridges been collapsed because of the bad nature of the road. The Adamawa state part on the ongoing slow and never steady project has made Commuters and travelers in indignation poured out unholy commends in an effort to making desperate cries to Government on the Cham,Lamurde and Numan axis of the road that seems to defiant 100 percent completion.

The unbearable pains experience when applying the road always left road users to only express their bitter complains,resolving to apportion blames to government in power for failing to urgently do the needful for the people that brought them to power.

Their yearnings and passionate cries but seems to fail on deaf ears not until the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF),Barr Boss Gida Mustapha by way of quick response because of the junky and economy importance of the road and gave a matching order for work to commence in essence.

The commencement of the work elated many commuters and thousands of people posting the Progress of the work on their social media handles on 4th November,2019 extolling Boss for standing in the gap to make sure Cham Numan axis of the Gombe-Yola road is done neat and clear.


Recall that the road was first awarded in 1999 by President Obasanjo but only the Gombe axis of the road is in more better shape and contractors mobilised to site are more serious than the Adamawa axis of the road.

You could also recall that the General News (Tgnews) on a developmental special report described the road a “Golgotha road leading to hell” with every road user carrying his cross to death. It was revealed that the devastating and untold hardship the Gombe-Numan road,Numan-Jalingo road and Ngurore-Mayobelwa-Zing-Jalingo is making people to experience,especially farmers and rural dwellers are more than lips to express.

The apt response by Boss to have ignited contractors to site is attracting and celebrating him a hero of our time, an effective leader who possess the listening character,having self-confidence, strong communication and management skills, creative and innovative thinking, perseverance in the face of failure,levelheadedness and reactiveness in times of crisis.

Mustapha’s firm believe on leadership by example and people are the true leaders in an ideal democratic setting is what’s being required in most aspects of society. From politics to business,religion to community-based organizations. Boss is seen a Man to keyed in the good qualities of his masters,President Muhammadu Buhari,a good Nigerian that believe in the total service to mankind with less personal benefit. The forthrightness in Mustapha is set him aside to follow in the foot step of Buhari.

Boss is indeed a great leader who have the ability to make strategic and visionary decisions, for resuscitating the camotose road that stampeded and stagnated the progress of people,destroyed the ripple effects of economy potentials worth billions of naira for decades,is now the another man with the good story from the gods.

The chameleon moving of the Lamurde-Numan road by the construction company handling the work awarded many years ago became worrisome and attracting commends by Nigerians to ask why is the road not completed despite multiple times the contract was reviewed and rewarded?

To anyone applying the road for the first time will imagine there is no existence of government,especially the senators,House of representative members to have ever represented the areas.

Only of recent the genuine complains of people alerted the present Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari through the office of the secretary to the Government of the Federation,Barr Boss Mustapha took it upon himself and as a burden to break the barriers of the work stagnation.

Source close to Triacta company who are the workers of the road said the ingenious SGF is closely monitoring the ongoing work to it logical finishing,giving him daily reports on the progress of the work

Boss innate wisdom made him to swing into action by compiling whoever concern to make sure that this time around the work is done and completed under his watch. The remaining parts of the Gombe-Yola road lagging behind by the contractors handling the site is unmindful of its economy potentials to the entire people of Northern region,especially the North East and to the country of Cameron.


Our reporter who took a trip to the ongoing work on the Lamurde- Numan road generate a special report and interviewed some people in Lamurde,Gyawana,Numan and some commutters on transit.

A 53 years old Pwalle Isaac who has a parcel of land along the dilipidated road appreciates President Muhammadu Buhari for calling the attention of contractors back to site.

He narrated his ordeals experience as a rice farmers for many years along the road where drivers of lories,cars would lost control of their vehicles into his farm,destroying it before or during harvest time because of the bad nature of the road. According to him the road between Numan and Lamurde has destroyed life,destroyed destinies and destroyed the glowing economy of the areas.

“For whosoever that is connected to the working of the road,God will beautifully decorate his entire life,and for Baba Buhari whose leadership is people oriented and is not tire for making sure he get the country right on tracts of development he will never no shame in his entire life.

“We have suffered and still suffering because of leadership problem in this country,for Christ sake why would a road of this magnitude take close to 20 years for its construction work to be completed? The past governments who have failed to make sure the work is completed after contract agreement with construction company should be blame of being wicked to our people.” Isaac said

The less than 50 kilometers from Numan to Lafiya by the right site of the road when one coming from Numan are thousand hectares of Land owned by the Savannah Sugar company which later bought over by Dangote sugar company. This area occupy by Dangote company is the worst damaged, affecting the socio economy life of the entire people of Numan federation and all travelers. But the recent keeping an eye to make sure the road is done well by Boss Mustapha attracted good commends by the road users,Mohammad Aliyu a business man applying the road on daily basis from Gombe to Yola.

Aliyu said Boss Mustapha earn the credit of being a good leader with good ideals to make sure the right thing is done. The excitement in Mallam Muhammad who over three decades is a merchants in water melon revealed how the road has caused him to loss millions of naira as a result of accidents and armed banditry on several occasions. While praise singing the government of President Muhammadu Buhari,he said mobilising back the construction company to site a monitoring team should put an eye a
and double check the work is done on agreed terms.

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He worry that some contractors are corrupt to the extend of down playing the jobs given in the aspect of standard and quality,failing in sticking to specifications in other to reduce cost thereby distorting the quality of the overall work.

“God bless Baba Buhari and bless his cabinet members who are now conscious of the masses plights. This area has been under a spell of lack of completion and some politicians,government officials and contractors use it as a conduits pipe to extorts money from the federal government at the detriment of people. This behaviour is a serious enemy to the economy of Nigeria. Imagine if road is in good shape for the past 20 years. I think the country would have produce countless millionaires.

“I’m calling on Boss Mustapha who is the son of the soil to make sure a perfect job is done within specification,and the minister of works under the watch of Fashola Babatunde should not relax on this work because those using the delipidated nature of the road to enrich themselves are not happy to see work is on serious progress on the road.” Aliyu said

Iliya Yakubu a petty traders and owns a shop at the Lafiyan Lamurde Junction on an interviewed with the Nigerian Tribune elated to say that Adamawa state is truly now answering the name,the ‘land of beauty’ because is convinced the neglected is being given a close attention by the contractors and the construction company actively working on the road.

“I grew up to see this road delipidated and unsafe for commuters and any road user especially at nights. I heard all sort of scary and gory stories of how fatal accidents were caused because of the bad nature of the road,now i personal witnessed many accidents,i involved in a number of minor accidents and armed robbers attacking us.

“Believe you me it is a shout of praise and thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari for reconsidering the road for construction again. I was told our own Boss Mustapha is having an eagle eye to the ongoing work,only God will bless this our leaders.

“Our prayers is that the Job should be completely done in good time with a good quality to last for many years” Aliyu

The fast response of the federal government to this road that has became defiant to completion is exhilarating the people of Adamawa,Taraba and Gombe states who applies the road on daily basis for socio economy purposes.

A Journalist
Writes from Yola
Adamawa state

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