Gov Fintiri was booed in Mubi because Adamawa p’ple are no longer with him anymore-Gambo

The Chairman, Adamawa concerned citizens, Alhaji Hussaini Bello Gambo Nakura said for the people of Mubi to have booed the Executive Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is a sign they are not comfortable with his style of leadership.

Bello who sought audience with our correspondent said he is a defender of Adamawa Masses, by all means, trying his best to hold accountable any government in power.

According to him the Governor while on an official visit to Mubi and Madagali last week was booed by the people of Mubi chanting “Bama Sonka”, meaning we no longer want you, they used their brooms, water and washed out the road the Governor walked on is a serious sign his government is not people Oriented.

He said a responsible government should ask why the people are revolting that way but only to seek for a harsh measure by closing down Mubi Market were the people he supposes to be responsible to are getting their daily bread.

” What happened to Governor Fintiri in Mubi is a serious pointer to reflect on the two years left for him to finish his tenure, this is to either amend his style of administration to the benefit of all people or face the challenge of a fail government.

“The desiring change the people have expected has not truly translated to human empowerment, it has not alleviated poverty and the people of Adamawa state are wallowing in pains and still wanting another chance.

” The performance of a Governor can not be measured on how much physical infrastructure or rising structures in the name of development, without directly addressing the human needs of people in the area of Health, Education and improved standard of living I can boldly say is a government with fail status,” Gambo said

He worried that the administration of the present Government of the state have failed woefully below a normal standard compare to the previous government of Boni Haruna, Murtala Nyako and Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindo.

“One of the reasons of the Northern zone people, a constituency he came from have begun to revolt on his government is because Governor Ahmadu is inflicting unnecessary pains to the people than feeling a sigh of enjoying in his Government.

” This year’s rainy season with the harsh economy the people are experiencing, Governor Ahmadu sold fertilizers to indigenes of the state without any subsidy, unlike the period of Nyako there were thousands of SAs, thousands of our youths were freely trained on skills acquisition, fertilizers were also given at most subsidized prices.

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“Boni regime was another good experience our people had with almost free education, scholarship home and abroad our young ones have enjoyed, Education was a priority with the creation of State University in Mubi and the massive construction and renovation of schools.

” The immediate past Government under Bindow leadership bought over one hundred tractors, yearly distribution of fertilizers and our state have witnessed massive construction of roads.

“But in this government we are only seeing anti-people policies with the sacking of thousands civil servants, closing down of markets and high contracts awarding to only companies that are not home-based. Nothing is just working well for the people under this government, the political class are equally crying that nothing is going on well with them, then tell me what is good about this government?.” He asked

Gambo continues to say that the claim by the present government of regular and constant paying of salaries is baseless as there are over four million people in the state and the civil servants on salaries scale are a little above three hundred.

“Salaries of workers are statutory and under a must, for the government to pay because they legitimately earn it. But the question one will want to ask how much of the civil servants this government is bragging all the time is paying their salaries? For God sake is not their right? These ten times less than the total number of the entire population of Adamawa state. What is the fate of over three million people?

” Governor Fintiri is honestly failing that is why his people in the Northern zone has begun to show him the way out of the system come 2023.

“Another issue that calls for concern and the well-meaning individuals of Adamawa state is the over inflicted contracts awarded so far. For example, the eleven kilometres road from Michika to Madagali was given at the cost of three billion three hundred million Naira, by my calculations, a kilometre will be constructed at the cost of two hundred and ninety-nine million which is honestly on the high side of price and truly need to be investigated.” Hussaini revealed

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The direct reaction of Governor Ahmadu’s Senior Special Assistant on Social Mobilization, Mr Victor Dogo takedown the views of Nakura as someone with a stale knowledge.

Dogo said the Chairman Adamawa concerned citizens is easily noticed for his backward reasoning and thinks within his limit of exposure on what politics and governance is.

“I thought of this before writing, but note my response is for the responsible men of his age that are using their brains to build their state reasonably. It is wrong sitting under the tree as a local champion to voice the figment of one’s imagination as an opinion of people.
The shocking display of shame by such a person does not come as a surprise, saying that the people’s Governor was booed is only known to him and whoever in his bedroom.

“The revelations getting to us is as clear as what you can call a show of shame by a man that is becoming irrelevant in the politics of the day,” Victor said

He further said that: “The passion expressed to the Governor is rather a response to how he esteems the Mubi- Madagali axis highly and upholds them equally as other parts of the state.

“The Mubi market known for its many activities but in need of serious upgrade was recently getting the attention it needed from the ATM Governor., but for Nakura to stoop so low to speak evil of the good works being done in that market makes me wonder if he is the chairman concerned people or something else.

“It is now clear that Nakura is wallowing in pains and still dreaming, shocked at the speed of transformation taking place at that axis. What this entails is that his strategy of hiding behind miscreants to perpetuate evil and pushing it on others is over.”

Victor continues to say that:

” In the confusion, he said that yes the Governor is performing on building physical infrastructure, rising structures in the name of development. He finds these as too advanced for now. This is disgraceful and unimaginable.
“Nakura fails to see the area of Health, Education and improved standard of living,” in the Cottage hospital turning into the general standard, the schools getting great uplift.

“He worried that the administration of the present Government of the state have set too high standard if not why to compare a government in power to the previous government of Boni Haruna, Murtala Nyako and Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindo.

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“The ATM Governor is not here to compare rather he walks the talk and changes the place for the better.

” This year the ATM Governor visited the Damare fertilizers plant which is right now in the process of being brought alive again meanwhile the farmers were also given fertilizer after the personal effort by our Governor to obtain permission to bring in fertilizer while a ban from the federal government existed with a higher cost than ever because of the COVID19.

“Also he seems not to be in Adamawa if he fails to see that the ATM Governor has commenced free education, scholarship home and abroad. Education is priority goings by latest development the State University in Mubi is experiencing with massive construction and renovation of the campuses.

” The immediate past government have done what they could but this is the time to fix the errors, move ahead, bring the needed transformation to meet the new phase of Adamawa which “Nakura is not in tune with.

“But funny is his inability to come in terms with what policies are. The lack of up to date knowledge on projects of this present Government by “Nakura is just a show and an act of folly by a desperate man drowning with a failed political relevance.

“Adamawa has moved on ahead of storytellers to doing great things. The open bidding for contracts, opportunities are not what” Nakura is used to yet his noise can not distract the Fintiri’s vision for Adamawa state. The train is a speed train, not the type “Nakura has in his head. I hope he gets who will translate this response or preferably next time I will write in Hausa so he gets to learn about policies and promises, where politicking ends and governance commences.

“Finally Adamawa is the project for concern citizens led by decent men, meaning his name should give way for a better person to be their chairman.”

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