Sarki Abba: Humility personafied and a product of loyality

..Adamawa’s ambassador par excellence

By Barr. Danladi Danasabe

The name Sarki Abba has stealthily become a force to reckon with at the apex Nigeria’s seat of power since the advent of the Muhammadu Buhari’s led All Progressives Congress government.

Like the colossus that he become over the years, Abba has become a silent power broker and has helped to bring stability to the Nigeria’s seat of power, a feat which by all standards was daunting even to the most accomplished administrators.

But with ample dose of zest, patriotic fervour, and unprecedented loyalty to his boss, Abba accomplished the task without much qualms and fuss.

Such important feat largely came to fruition because of the confidence and excellent working relationship he enjoys with his boss, president Muhammadu Buhari.

A quintessential administrator, and an embodiment of humility, Abba has in the last five years redefined the art of service and loyalty to a new level.

Abba who is ascribed as a reservoir of resilience, wisdom and tenacity with a deep dose of patience has wittingly become the shock absorber of the presidency taking actions and decisions that have unarguably helped the ship of the presidency to navigate safely through Nigeria’s turbulent political waters with ease.

Indeed in the last three decades, the name Sarki Abba and Muhammadu Buhari have become inseparable because of the manner the former maintains highest level of loyalty despite the odds of having to serve one of the poorest former Nigerian presidents who has no oil well or fat bank account to dispense pecuniary favours.

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Abba is one name that has remain with Buhari through thick and thin and has maintained an unabashed loyalty at a time many fell by the way side as the president made futile efforts on three consecutive occasions, since 2003 to become Nigeria’s helmsman.

While many associates swerved off as the travails of Buhari persisted, Abba’s resolve to serve the president surprisingly multiplied by the day to the consternation of many who were astounded at how a Nigerian can maintain absolute loyalty to a man who do not dispense monetary favours.

But one reason for Abba’s unquenchable thirst to serve Buhari come what may, lies in the belief of Buhari’s altruistic quest to bail Nigeria out of the woods which years of maladministration has made prostrate.

Many analysts have rightly validated the fact that the reason for the astounding relationship enjoyed by the two men was the love each has for Nigeria’s emancipation from a badly governed entity to an egalitarian society where citizens welfare is guaranteed.

Such is the only logic why the relationship has continued a positive trajectory and blossoming till date.

Such trust and confidence made Buhari to give Abba the all important portfolio of being his Senior Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs, which means Abba oversees the activities of the president’s household, a position that is only reserved and given to the most trusted lieutenants.

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Since the appointment, Abba has never rested on his oars to ensure carrying out the function with finesse, gusto and verve which earned him applause and approbation by all and sundry.

While most of Buhari’s aides retire to their homes after work, Sarki’s real job begins at the odd hour as he is one man that is believed to be with Mr. President 24/7.

The position Abba occupies presently was the same position which Dr. Andy Uba occupied under former President Olusegun Obasanjo for which Dr. Uba, wielded enormous powers in the presidency and even became the president’s albatross because of the show and use of crude power.

Unlike Uba who became so much obsessed with power, Sarki has been using such powers in a more tactical and strategic manner to douse tensions and build bridges of unity within elements in the presidency and those outside it.

The man has since his sojourn into the presidency has leverage on his position to serve as one of the best ambassadors of Adamawa at the highest echelon of power.

To the credit of Sarki is the resolution of many political altercations in Adamawa State chapter of the ruling party which in many ways doused political tensions in the state.

The way and manner with which he intervenes without partisanship or taking sides has made him a true father to all the teeming Adamawa APC members.

Such feats made him to garner a lot of respect by the Adamawa APC family who see Abba in the realm of stabilizer and father figure par excellence.


It is with the imprimatur and intervention of Abba that Adamawa got a number of juicy appointments in President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, yet his modesty has remained intact because of the way he treats and carries all with modesty and humility.

As if that was not enough, the man has deeply invested a lot in the education of our upcoming generation, having sponsored thousands of youths especially the orphans to schools.

He has also come to the aide of many families especially those in distress as a result of the effect of the Boko Haram violent campaign and lately coronavirus pandemic which afflicted the incomes and livelihoods of many families.

Despite the many roles the man played in stabilizing the presidency, upholding the spirit and camaraderie of oneness in Adamawa politics and the surfeit interventions in the area of education for Adamawa’s teeming youth, Abba has maintained a calculated silence, knowing that the rewards for the noble actions only comes from Allah.

Danasabe sent in the piece from Yola, Adamawa State

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