Late Mama Nagarta Bamaiyi: Dr Agoso loses Mother, fixes 12th June for burial


Mother to Adamawa born prolific Writer and public affairs analyst, Dr Agoso H Bamaiyi passed on.

Agoso who was senior principal assistant to former Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrila Bindow on public affairs said his Mother, Mama Nagarta H Baimaiyi death occurred after a brief illness in Abuja.

The sport analyst told this medium that her corpse will be flown back to Yola this Saturday, 5th, and the burial service Is fixed Saturday, 12th June 2021 at LCCN Cathedral Numan, Adamawa State.


Mama Nagarta H. Bamaiyi (nee Shittu) was born to the gentle and amiable Jiji Shittu K. Tonvauyi of the pace-setting Impang clan (founded by the great Matiyavune 1, who is credited with building the first proper house in the whole of Bwaatye history) and Kukko Margaret Shittu of the Ndakai Hoki clan (she was younger sister to the famous and patronly Moses Sugwe, a.k.a. Jiji Sakka) in the famous town of Numan (originally called Nomwe by the native Bwarei) on the 14th day of May, 1943.

She was the third child and the first girl in a family of first-generation Christian converts following the advent of Christianity in the Numan Federation as a result of the sacrificial and gallant efforts of Dr. Niels Hoegh Brohnum, a Danish Missionary who set foot on the soil of Numan at exactly 11:30 am on Sunday the 5th of October 1913.

She grew up in the midst of the excitement and enthusiasm engendered by the pioneering work of the missionaries and the engagingly willing and enterprising spirit of the Bwaatye and the prospects of a great future following the coming of Western education. She attended Numan Town School (now Numan I Primary School) for her primary education and obtained her First School Leaving Certificate from Girls Boarding School (GBS) Numan in 1958. She proceeded to Women Teachers College, Maiduguri, where she obtained her Grade III Teachers Certificate in 1962.
During her teaching practice in the Native Authority School Numan (the present Business and Engineering Skills Training – BEST – Centre), she met and fell in love with the irrepressible Mr. Arnobius Tolo Bamaiyi. Tough and forthright but with an infectious love for people, Mr. Bamaiyi hailed from the king-making clan of Madon in the historic and royal town of Bachama, about 26 miles Northwest of Numan. He was feared and respected by his pupils and loved by everyone. They were not total strangers to each other. Mr. Bamaiyi had taught Nagarta in Primary School several years earlier.
After a short but eventful courtship, they got married on New Year’s Day of 1963 in the Lutheran Church of Christ, Numan. Even though he came from Bachama (Lamurde) and was the Sarkin Samari at the time, he agreed to do the wedding in Numan to allow his colleagues and pupils and the family of his bride to fully participate in the wedding festivities. The Madon Community and his friends and well-wishers from Bachama all moved to Numan on that day to be part of the great occasion. It was a community affair and the whole town was excited.

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Veteran broadcaster, media consultant, and social commentator, Chief Timawus Mathias (who along with Mr. Gabriel Nzomisaki and former Secretary to the State Government of Adamawa, Mr. Manassah John, were pupils of the couple), remembers the couple and the wedding in the following words:
“Mallam Bamaiyi was tall, handsome (we all thought he knew it), tough and forthright-we were sure to get the whip in each of his classes.
Somehow, we could never meet with his perfection, particularly Gabriel Nzomisaki, Manassah John (yes, the former SSG!), and me. He taught us character, perseverance, and principles, my most cherished traits. Madam Nagarta on the other hand was the direct opposite; equally tall, gentle, talked smooth, and wore a smile the whole day.
Our entire class was awed by her beauty and mulatto skin texture. She was such a great tenor and taught us rhymes and songs that I still sing. These two made coming to school every day a thing to look forward to. When they wed, it was marriage made in heaven. I wonder what children think of when they see courtship today. Mallam and Madam were a pair. No cars, no Achaba, no Keke Napep, and it was gorgeous to see a couple take an evening walk on the streets of Numan, untarred, but clean (in those days the Sanitary Inspectors made sure everyone swept the front of their homes). No littered plastic bags, just the newest couples! Wedding parties then were a spectacle. Tea was served from a boiling drum, and it was already sugared. No alcohol! Music was from a gramophone record before radiograms appeared. Lighting was the moon, or at best, the mission Tilley Lamp i.e., if the couple is related to the mission or the church…”
After the wedding ceremony, the young couple settled down in their new home in the neighbourhood of Kwalinga in Numan and started a family immediately. Mama Bamaiyi was a devoted and dutiful wife and mother. She believed in the sanctity of the home and the relevance of a good and functional family to the society. She did everything that needed to be done, on time and cheerfully. She loved her husband passionately and was totally devoted to him and her children. She moved with him throughout the old Numan Federation as he moved from place to place on transfer in the course of duty. She found the time, in-between her family responsibilities and teaching, to study for and obtained a Grade II Teachers Certificate from Teachers College, Numan, in 1970. When her husband left teaching and picked up a job with the Nigerian Immigration Service and was posted to the ancient city of Kano to resume work, she moved with him and settled down for life in the big city. Being one with a knack for continuous self-improvement, she returned to school and studied for her National Certificate of Education (NCE) in the Advance Teacher Training College, Kano, successfully graduating in 1975.
1975 turned out to be a landmark year in the life of Mama Bamaiyi and her young family. That year, Baba Bamaiyi was transferred to Yola and the whole family moved over to the city of the Lamido in north-eastern Nigeria. Mama returned to her work with the State Civil Service as a teacher and was posted to Government Girls Secondary School, Yola. Soon things settled down for the Bamaiyis and life picked a pleasant and familiar rhythm. Everything was moving along fine and the future looked great for everyone. Then the unexpected happened.
It was the 22nd day of November. The day had begun normally like any other day. Baba Bamaiyi left home for work that morning and then took permission from work to Numan to make advance arrangements for the burial of his bosom friend, Mr. Newton Takokwama (proprietor of the then Bright Star Hotel, Jimeta), who had died in a crash in Yola the previous night. On his way back to Yola from Numan early that night, Baba Bamaiyi was involved in a fatal accident somewhere near the village of Farai: One report has it that he crashed all by himself, another that he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver. Whatever the case, he was found dead at the accident site. He was riding on the iconic Honda CB175. He died in his prime, leaving Mama Bamaiyi alone with 6 kids (5 boys and one girl) to cater for and bring up. He was buried in Bachama the following day, November 23rd, 1975. Mama had turned 32 that year.
Following the death of her husband, Mama Nagarta Bamaiyi secured a transfer from Government Girls Secondary School, Yola, to Villanova Government College, Numan, so she could be close to her parents and siblings who were based in Numan. In 1977 she got an in-service admission into the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Education, B.B. Ed, in 1980.
After graduation and the mandatory National Service, she resumed her duties as a teacher. She worked hard and conscientiously, all the time devoting her time and resources to the welfare, health, and education of her children. She was relentless in her devotion to them. Their welfare was her sole purpose.
In 1984, she was promoted to the rank of a Vice Principal, VP, after serving as a Senior Mistress, SM, previously. One (1) year later, she was made a Principal. She served as a School Principal (Government Day Secondary School, Borrong, Villanova Government College, Numan, and Teachers College, Numan) till 1992 when she was appointed an Education Secretary in the Local Government Education Department, a position she held for seven years, serving in that capacity in both Numan and Demsa Local Education Authorities.
Thereafter she retired from State Civil Service in 2002. While in the Civil Service, she had also served as a member British/American Council on Nomadic Education.
Political Career:
After retirement, she contested and won elections as Councillor representing Numan Ward II in the Numan Local Government Council of Adamawa State; serving a single term between 2004-2007. She was Leader of the Council for 2 years during the second tenure of Hon. Stephen Gyebgon as Chairman of the Council.
Community Service:
She founded a children’s gospel ministry called “Voices in the Wilderness” in 2004, working to give children hope for a brighter future.
She has also served the community in the following capacities:
– Chairperson, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA), Adamawa Chapter (she took over from Mama Esther Warigon) – 2006 till her death.
– Patroness, Boys Brigade (BB), Adamawa Chapter.
– Treasurer, Guramso Numan Elders Forum.
– Treasurer, Northern States Christian Elders Forum, Numan Local Government Chapter.
– Treasurer, Leyomso Association, Numan.
– Secretary, Niyomso Neighbourhood Women Association, Numan.
– Secretary, Zumuntan Mata, LCCN Cathedral, Numan – 2014 to 2016.
– Uwar Zumunta, LCCN Cathedral, Numan – 2016 to 2019.
Mama Nagarta Bamaiyi loves reading (at 70, reads and drives without glasses), writing, gardening (loves growing things and rearing animals), visitation of old/sick people and handicapped members of the society (giving them assistance of food, clothing, and money etc, means a lot to her), and composing Christian songs for children.
International Travels:
Mama Nagarta Bamaiyi has visited Israel on Pilgrimage (December 2000-January 2001) and Switzerland in 2011 for the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) World Council. She is an award recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Leadership in National Development Gold Award (2007) by Corporate and Media Africa Communications Ltd, and Woman of Merit Gold Award (2008).
1. Bar. Vidiyeno Bamaiyi – First Born (former Deputy Speaker ADSHA).
2. Chief Dadeno Bamaiyi (Burtu Bachama).
3. Dr. Agoso Bamaiyi.
4. Sup. Kurpwa Bamaiyi.
5. Prof. Pwaveno Bamaiyi.
6. Mrs. Ahunvona Mary Ngapweto, neé Bamaiyi, (only daughter).
1. Vivian Votapwa Vidiyeno Bamaiyi.
2. David Vimipwa Vidiyeno Bamaiyi.
3. Israel Vidon Vidiyeno Bamaiyi.
4. Mosoti Dadeno Bamaiyi.
5. Pwamori Dadeno Bamaiyi.
6. Christabel Mercedes Pwavindukoto Agoso Bamaiyi (first grandchild).
7. Rosebell Ariadne Pwavigunoto Agoso Bamaiyi.
8. Pepetapwa Kurpwa Bamaiyi.
9. Pwada’ungun Kurpwa Bamaiyi.
10. Hunpiya Godswill Kurpwa Bamaiyi.
11. Precious-Anni Pwaveno Bamaiyi.
12. Blessing Pwaveno Bamaiyi.
13. Increase Praise Pwaveno Bamaiyi.
14. Jesse Dede Christian Ngapweto.
Household Relations:
1. Sofia Dyangakai Eli – Niece.
2. Ahaso Billy (Boy) – Nephew.
3. David Memu (adopted in 2002, Koma).
4. Bevibesa Nathan – Grandniece.
4. Angel Diamond Moha Isaac Ngbale – Grandniece (Kaka Nagarta’s playmate).

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