Mbula Royal throne tussle: Youths warn LG chair, others against subversion of rites in the selection process

A group under the auspices of the Youth Wing of Mbula Development Association has threatened fire and brimstone if the incumbent chairman of Demsa local government, Elkanah Fwa and his conspirators refused to allow tradition to take its course in the selection of new Murum Mbula.

Late Murum Mbula, Joel Joram-Fwa died on Sunday May 16, 2021 at 82 after a protracted illness, sparking a fresh tussle for a new king between the Fwa and Muzong ruling classes.

Issuing a stern warning against what it called attempt by the chairman of the local government, in concert with Mr. Simon Fwa, Mr. Fenny Fwa and Timawus Afraimu Fwa, to subvert the tradition of succession, the youth said if the quartet did not rescind their plans, their actions will portent grave danger to peace and harmony in the kingdom.

Spokesman of the group, Emmanuel Nathaniel Ali, who handed down the warning at a press conference on Monday said his group will ensure that the principle of rotation of succession of the monarch is adhered to the latter come what may.

” Desperate power mongers who want leadership by all means or cost have emerged and are becoming a threat to the peace and unity of our people.

” The following persons are conniving with each other in going against the normal procedure of selecting new Murum Mbula and this is causing tension among the Mbula people and if care is not taken, it may lead to violence in Mbula land.

” The Secretary, Mbula traditional council, Mr. Simon Joel Fwa (from the Fwa ruling clan), is acting based on the influence of his elder brother Mr. Fenny Fwa (both from the same clan) who is also using his influence as a former permanent secretary to influence the current permanent secretary, ministry of chieftaincy affairs.

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“It is still a shock to us as how a sitting local government chairman can aspire for such stool while holding an elected public office.

” The executive chairman Demsa LGA Chief Elkana Kados Fwa (who is also from Fwa ruling clan) is using his position as the chairman of the LGA alongside Chief Timawus Afraimu Fwa who is the district head of Mbula and also from the same Fwa ruling clan,” the group said.

You’re bunch of paid irresponsible war mongers – Concerned Mbula Youths react

But reacting to the stand of the Youth wing of Mbula Development Association, a group under the aegis of concerned Mbula youth called the bluff of the youth wing saying that they are paid irresponsible agents being used by war mongers to breach the peace of the Mbula kingdom.

Spokesman of the group, Barrister Francis Emmanuel Ndagoso said all the arguments generated by the youth wing were baseless and mere pigments of their imagination.

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” We are here as concerned Mbula youth selected from all nooks and crannies of Mbula land. We called this press conference to respond to the infantile and irresponsible press conference held yesterday by some disgruntled and frustrated youth. Their press conference was a disgrace to the Mbula nation.

” The selection of Murum Mbula is the exclusive preserve of the the three. Number one is God, the executive governor and the kingmakers.

” Recently, the Bachama and Lunguda kingmakers selected their king, not through the social media or press conferences. Rather, the people involved in the process went to the kingmakers and canvassed for their votes. Why is our different? This is shameful to the Mbula race and these disgruntled youths and their sponsors are doing a lot of collateral damage to the exalted stool of the Mbula nation.

” Simply put, they want their principle of rotation to be adhered to. They claim that the turn of the Muzong to be on throne and that all the princes from the Fwa ruling clan should be removed from contest. Furthermore, they claimed that the selection process should take place in the shrine of the kingmakers.

” We wish to state categorically that there is no law that states that the stool be rotated between the two houses. If such a law exists, they should produce it, however, so far they have failed. The law which we have in our possession is that the appointment of the Murum Mbula will be based on customs and tradition of the people and that the tradition is the Murum Mbula will be selected by four kingmakers, namely the Molah Kulasala, Molah Kuli, Molah Nzugwaling and Molah Yahau.

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” Based upon the facts adduced here, its clear that these youths are ignorant of the law. It is also clear that these youths are simply interlopers and by their utterances and actions, they are displaying the highest degree of meddlesomeness and irresponsibility.

“We are taken aback that these disgruntled youths and their sponsors have targeted some candidates who are already in the list as contestants. Now their final push is to instill fear in the minds of the Kingmakers and the generality of the public with the idea that there will be mayhem if their prefarred candidate is not elected,” Ndagoso said.

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