Oct 2nd APC State Congress: I’m not devil’s advocate, our Chair should do deep introspection as a leader-Sajoh’s opinion

Yesterday Ahmed Lawan declared his intention to run for the State Championship of our great party.

Before him was Vrati Nzonzo who had indicated his intention long ago.

Bappah Waziri a veteran of political leadership who had also signified intention to run for the chairmanship.

Ditto Hon. Musa Bubakari Kamale who has paid his dues in the politics of Adamawa State many times over.

The question is simply why all this interest in unseating the current chairman? Why? If I may ask.

I am no devil’s advocate, but our respected Chairman should do deep introspection on his role as the leader of our party in Adamawa State.

Win or loose our respected chairman and his Executive should note that the several challenges to their leadership are coming due to the perceived gaps in the manner the party is administered in Adamawa State since he became chairman. Recall that at one time some of them were suspended because of acts and activities considered iminical to the dispensation of equity, fairness and justice. This should have served as a lesson to them.

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From a winning party we became a loosing party. Lost by the actions of persons within our fold who were treated unfairly and rather than be pecified were treated as not powerful enough to challenge the status quo. We paid dearly for it. How could we follow the same path twice knowing that it leads to failure.

I dare say The Chairman lost his legitimacy when the entire Exco in his local government moved to another party, yet he saw nothing wrong with his leadership style. This was a wake up call for him.

Unfortunately when an opportunity came for him to redeem himself with the congresses he choose to tow the very path that led to our series of loses in the past – the path injustice, manipulations, forgery and vain pride in a non existent power.

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Instead of learning from our past errors and misfortunes he choose to go the same way. Instead of learning from lessons of Zamfara, Rivers and Bayelsa, he choose to bestride the terrain with the fake assumption of power.

Some of us have pleaded, appealed and even cautioned that we are towing the path of destruction but the chairman and the power mongers behind him have assured that no power can challenge them.

Let them all know that no power is strong enough to overpower the quest for justice.

Let them restore the names of people they fraudulently removed from our Ward congresses results. Let them conduct proper local government congresses in our local governments of Mubi North and South. That is the path of Justice and also the path of success. ~Ahmad Sajoh

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