In the past few weeks I threw my conservatism to the winds and came out barrels and guns to support the SGF Barr. Boss Mustapha to be the next Vice President of Nigeria. In the past couple of weeks I have done my bit and still doing same, taking some of the arguments that I am outlining below to ensure that it happens, making contacts as far away as Lagos, Enugu, PH, Ibadan, Ekiti, Abuja, and Yola, and having meetings whenever and wherever I can; all as God pleases. Today I bring my case to this platform and the good people of Adamawa State: to our friends, enemies, and countrymen and women.

Just before the Governorship primaries I was visited by some astute APC stakeholders, and was asked two key questions: which Brand was sellable for Adamawa State, and for the Presidency. In my response I told them the brands that could not sell for Adamawa State. In modern day Adamawa State, some brands are already stale, others were stiff, and some were sub-standard. I recommended the best brand and by God’s grace it worked. For the presidency I proffered that APC will not propose anyone from the North to be the next President and hence we have to settle for Vice Presidential Position. To them I suggested Barr Boss Mustapha; and before they could advance the argument of tribal bigotry I gave them my reasons based on SGF current functions and scorecard:

1. The SGF has the role of supporting proper and effective Government decision-making – including the administration and provision of advice to the Cabinet and its sub-committees; administering the Ministerial Code, and such other required responsibilities.

2. The SGF has the role of supporting the effective implementation of the Government’s priorities – effectively advising the President on the most effective way to organize Government; ensuring that the Government’s priorities are properly reflected in the business of governance.

3. The SGF in conjunction with the Head of Service has the role of maintaining an impartial civil service that commands the confidence of Ministers – including the effective administration of the Civil Service Code, and ensuring the civil service supports the government, and federal character appointments and promotions are maintained.

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In all the above, SGF was recently scored Excellent (remember the Productivity award?). With that he has become PMB’s most reliable ally and the best support for all Ministers, Governors, and MDAs. Since becoming an SGF, he has never been accused of misdeeds, has never been in argument with Ministers and MDAs, has never been in conflict with Governors, has never been in conflict with foreign office, or has never been in conflict with anyone irrespective of tribe or religion. He is simply a live-wire support for Mr President and his Government. I think we should applaud this kind of quality coming from Adamawa State.

So coming to the matter of being a Vice-Presidential candidate for the Asiwaju, it is very clear that SGF Boss has the experience of managing the expectations of Ministers, States, Tribes, and Religions of Nigeria. He has been the heartbeat of this government since becoming the SGF. In my recent visit to his office, from the gate to his office I saw workers that were at peace with themselves. There was no threatening or intimidating atmosphere. I am sure that this is what Nigeria needs in the Presidency, and SGF Boss can certainly provide that.

Nigeria needs presidency where everyone feels a sense of belonging – everyone. Boss has Yoruba, Igbo and other Adamawa tribes in his family; so any alluding to his being narrow-minded is a matter that is dead on arrival. Boss can effectively take over that duties of the president if for any reason the President is unable to perform his duty. He is just the best to do that in today’s Nigeria.

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Secondly, as Vice President he is expected to support and advance the policies and legislative agenda of the President. SGF Boss is a Barrister par excellence. He will be expected to review or draft legislations that are favoured by the Administration of Bola Tinubu, and work audaciously to gain the support of members of the national Assembly. He will also be requested to shepherd bills through the legislative process. As Vice President he may also be required to stand in for the President at meetings with foreign leaders. SGF Boss in his current role have supported all the above processes, so will hit the ground running as Vice president.

Thirdly, SGF Boss have the energy and capacity to be the next President of Nigeria after Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. We have been yearning for the Presidency to come to the NE, and we have the best brand, BGM.

Does SGF Boss have Political Value?
Let me start with the argument that I have heard recently that:

1. Borno should produce the next vice presidential candidate because of votes. My argument is simple, the true test of votes from Borno is only when the insurgency is ended. The election figures that came from Boko Haram infested regions of Munguno, Baga, Magumeiri etc in 2019 were very suspect. So to use them as an argument is a non-starter.

2. That SGF Boss is a Christian and from minority tribe. This is APC shooting itself in the foot and mouth. If APC had produced a Christian from the majority south and picked up a Muslim from majority North then that would be ok. Now we are running a risk of isolating, disrespecting and denigrating the millions of Christians in Nigeria, not only from the North. SGF Boss has never shown himself to be a religious bigot, if not we will not all be on this APC Adamawa Round table. That he is a minority is even better, because many people in APC nationwide were recently yearning and calling for former President Jonathan from a minority tribe to come and run for elections in APC. It is religious bigotry that has made the NW almost ungovernable. Religious differences, theological differences etc is cutting off the El-Rufai’s Kaduna from other parts of Nigeria, and Kano, Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, kebbi, and Niger are at the verge of civil unrest because of religious differences and money.

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3. SGF Boss is the only person now that is a friend to all Ministers, all Governors, and all members of the Judiciary and National Assembly. The truth is SGF Boss is politically massive. He is undoubtedly the best SGF that this nation has ever had, and will be the same as Vice President, as the Almighty God pleases.

My prayer..
Please let us support SGF Boss to be the next Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I appeal to you our sense patriotism and Adamawa-ness to make this happen.
So I pray.

Dr Abdallah
Writes from UK

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