Insurgency, insecurity: FG complicit, Gov Ortom alleges


Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has accused the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of complicity in the perennial insurgency, widespread banditry and worsening insecurity ravaging many parts of the country.

Ortom alleged that the Buhari administration had been working with Turkey and Saudi Arabia to aid the invasion and occupation of the country by Fulani militias and bandits from Mauretania, Niger Republic, Chad and other parts of Africa under the guise of spreading the Islamic religion.

The Benue State governor made these allegations while featuring as a guest on an Arise TV programme, The Morning Show, on Wednesday.

According to him, armed Fulani groups are “actively” being supported by the current administration to take over the entire country.

He said it was to fulfil the Fulani’s over 200-year-old dream of annexing Nigeria, using Islam as a tool.

Ortom said if the Federal Government was serious about ending insurgency, banditry and insecurity, it could bring the menacing threat they posed to the country to an end on its own in no time.

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He said, “I accuse the Federal Government to be complicit. The day the Federal Government wants insurgency to stop, it will stop. But for now, I accuse them of complicity. I have shown proof of this. Today, I want to say Federal Government is complicit.

“It’s a planned agenda of over 200 years ago that they have planned to take over Nigeria. Today, it’s a very big challenge, it’s a problem.

“I still want to insist Federal Government is complicit and I stand on that. And if opportunity is given to me, if they call a security summit, the problem will be over. But today, this government is complicit and I stand by my words.

“Fulani are actively being supported by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to take over the whole of Nigeria, Zamfara, Kaduna, everywhere. The Fulani have made up their minds to take over Nigeria as their own country and they are using Islam as a tool, but it’s not even about Islam. Their programme is to use Islam to take over this country.

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“Former President Obasanjo said this government led by Buhari is about Islamising, is about Fulanising this country. Some of us have chosen to say the truth, even if we’ll die, let us die.

“Federal Government is working with Turkey, with Saudi Arabia to Islamise Nigeria. All this insurgency is from Mauretania, from Niger to take over Nigeria.

“If this government will appreciate it and stop the deceit…How can a particular ethnic group want to take over the country? It’s better we all die. I cannot be a slave to a Fulani man, era of slavery is gone.”

Governor Ortom, however, stated that he was not blaming the Fulani for all the problems in Nigeria, adding that he was only against their kinsmen from other African countries entering Nigeria to perpetrate violence and killings.

He said, “I’m not blaming everything on the Fulani. Everything I’ve said about Fulani invasion, destruction is the truth. But let it be on record that I’ve never said the Fulani race is bad. I have some of them as friends and I’m working with them.

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“But let’s call a spade a spade, the Fulani from Mauretania, Niger who are collaborating with the people here to take over Nigeria, are the ones I’m against.”

The Benue governor condemned the alleged kid gloves with which he said the Buhari administration had been treating Fulani militias, bandits and killer herdsmen.

“How can you cage Nnamdi Kanu? In fact, I want to say Nnamdi Kanu should be released. He’s a freedom fighter. Why can’t you arrest Fulani bandits? Tell me. Igboho, they went after him in the South-West and they stopped him. We don’t hear of Igboho again. Why can’t they stop these Fulani herdsmen? Nigerians should arise and let’s liberate ourselves. President Buhari have not been able to do this,” he said.


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