Dr. Belel: The Torchlight and the Adamawa North masses’ Amour bearer


Amidst perplexity and a feeling of hopeless situation that engulfed the people of Adamawa Northern senatorial District. The darkest moment had presented itself another chance again for the people to decide who will be their next senator in 2023.

The People have spotted a Man who is regarded as the touch-bearer who can lighten up the dark paths dominated by the crooked ways of bad representation currently experiencing. This is no other person than Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel, the Touch-bearer who is willing, and ready to lace the area with excellent innovation through the representation they desire to have at red Chambers of the National Assembly.

Dauda is not only a touch-bearer, this Man has over the years become the armor bearer of the zone. Defending the people in so many ways as a philanthropist, a technocrat, and a medical consultant.

I’m saying this because the 2023 election is having Belel present as a candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) hoping to represent our zone in a more defined way, assured a vibrant qualitative leadership for all people. I trust him to do better, achieve better and deliver better in the mandate of democracy more than any other person.

The ingenuity in this great legend of humanity services has turned him into a genius who can change the story of the Adamawa Northern zone. This is who I see with a huge capacity to build an all-encompassing good legacy for the people of Madagali, Michika, Maiha, Mubi North, and Mubi South. An area over the years still suffering from the inhumane activities of Boko Haram that was ravaged, ransacked and brought it down to a total collapsed.

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The darkest paths are about to be lightened up. The darkest moments are the current ineptitude we are seeing as what we have as representation. Dauda will take over with everyone’s support, and the support base is our PVCs and goodwill for the “one to tell ten” campaign strategy to change our land.

May I, therefore, say that the greatest mistake that each voter can make is to vote against NNPP? But a vote for Dauda is the best way to get Adamawa state, the people of Northern Senatorial District out of the woods. He will take the five local governments of the northern zone on yet another rail of development. A vote for Belel is a value-added change, a wisdom that will set free everyone from a retarded and backslide representation to a representation of the people by the people and for the people. It’s a progressive way of defending his people in the national assembly as the armor-bearer.


With Belel in the affairs of leadership. Adamawa Northern zone will be secure, free, and well positioned to grow in all facets of life.

The moribund companies and industries owned by Government and private individuals like Mubi burnt bricks and many more will be established, revived, and empowered to increase the internally generated revenue and create job opportunities for thousands of Youth.

This Man has the wherewithal, Dauda is more than able to turn around the area for World development. He has the potential to attract global attention, he is well equipped to make Adamawa earned the world news of positive stories of a captured Boko Haram state to a state that will capture the attention of the global economy. An area with a backward education to a revamped education. He is a Master strategist that will gear up the existing health Centres to function well and create new ones.

I see Abdullahi as the best and hope and the life-changing gear of the development of the Northern zone. This is who I can confidently call on all voters of Maiha, Mubi North and South, Michika, and Madagali to bargain their votes, rally their support around him, and give him the winning votes for a total victory to chase out retardation representation and selfish agent who is in government to enrich only himself.

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Abdullahi Dauda Belel in NNPP is salvation has come to all Sons and Daughters of Adamawa Northern Senatorial District, cast your vote wisely. It’s not a party affair it is a personality affair. The call is just simple, thumps up for Belel and on the ballot, it should be a thumbs down for the NNPP come 2023. It’s the only way out. A way into another realm of development.

Belel and NNPP are for the emancipation of the entire Adamawa state. The last and final option. This is my stand, my honest view in the interest of every one of us in the Adamawa Northern zone.

Dan Garba writes from Kohler
Mubi, Adamawa State.

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