(Video) I wrote what was written on Mrs Buhari who is against Sen Binani’s Guber ambition-Naja’ atu affirms


A human right activist and an advocate for women empowerment, Dr Najaatu Muhammad in a video clips described an article quoted her to have distanced herself from an initial article she personally wrote challenging the first Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari to be personalizing the issue of Sen Aisha Dahiru Ahmed Binani, the supposed winner of Adamawa APC gubernatorial candidate.

Naja”atu in her new video in English and in Hausa emphasized that is never a lie that what she wrote was her hand work and she is firmly standing by it.

She described the second article as fraudulent and cowardly quoting her to have disclaimed her first article on Mrs Buhari.

Naja’atu is quoted by this medium in her first article to have said:

“Aisha Buhari took her all the way to Supreme Court. What hurts me is the deception about empowering women and encouraging them to contest from president down. In the name of women a lot of money is siphoned like other areas. I wonder why there’s a ministry for Women Affairs( thanks to Maryam Abacha)

“We have always been our own enemies. Particularly the so called western educated women.

” I have been a victim of such envy when I contested and worn. First female president of ABU Student Union and as senator kano central. In fact except for the association of Women journalists led by Halima Ben Umar all so called women organizations including Jamiyar Matan Arewa worked against me
I won inspite of them.


“This jealousy is at another level. Binani has made me very very proud. A Fulani Muslim woman to get to this level is something the North should showcase and celebrate but alas it’s a PHD pull her Down syndrome.

“I can understand the timidity exhibited by Mrs Buhari, who is where she is by ascription being the wife of a president surely that is NOT an achievement but Bineni is a personal achievement. She got there because she earned it. She beat several men including Ribado to get to this level.

” In any case Ribado has always been pushed like a 1 legged wheelbarrow. When he contest in the PDP he ran to Abuja to be crowned same thing is happening today. It’s such a shame that at his level he can’t even stand on his feet and fight like a man.

“May Allah the Almighty be Binani’s pillar and I pray that those of us that are honestly and sincerely fighting the course of women interest should lend our voices to this tyranny. Power like any other thing on the surface of the earth is transient if only Mrs Buhari has looked behind her she would have seen the Turais, the Maryam Abacha the Dame and many more overtaken by the dust of history except for the legacies and monuments they left.

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“Ooo yes we still use the Women Centre and the National hospital. I am yet to see or hear of the Aisha Buhari legacy not even in Kaduna that has become her whom in the last 30 years.
Let Binani be.

” Our voices for her victory must be heard. History has no place for cowards.”

The article that made Mrs Mohammed went through the troubles of making a video of stating the records straight said she never change her mind opposing the impunity by Mrs Buhari who is against Binani’s gubernatorial ambition made available to this medium and published as thus:

“My purported attack on Aisha Buhari, false, misleading Naja’atu Mohammed

“My attention was drawn to a malicious report credited to me in which I purportedly accused Nigeria’s first lady, Aisha Buhari of plotting to sabotage the political ambition of senator Aishatu Dahiru Binani.

“In the wake of the highly inciting, fallacious and mischievous report, I received a number of calls from media organizations and concerned Nigerians who sought to get further clarifications from me.

“It is in this regard, I wish to state that I did not author such highly provocative, tendentious and libelous claim as it is not in my character to attack personalities without having my facts. I wish to therefore, state in unambiguous language that the report is false, misleading and did not represent my views on the issue.

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“As has been my culture over the years, whenever I wish to speak on issues, I always consult reputable media organizations to ventilate my concerns no matter how delicate and dangerous they may be.

“I have candidly told those who called me over the issue that the preposterous and spurious content did not emanate from me as I have never issued any statement via the social media especially on burning national issues.

“At this juncture, I wish to call on Nigerians to disregard the fake news as it only represents the vile imagination of its purveyors.

“I also wish to crave the understanding and indulgence of the first lady Her Excellency Hajiya Aisha Buhari over the said embarrassing content as I could not make such weighty, and libelous allegations flippantly.

“Nigerians over the years have known me to speak truth to power regardless of the risks and dangers involved. But despite that, I will not allow faceless, ungodly and selfish people to use my name to further their ulterior political motive.

“Thanks and God bless.”


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