2023 Census Postponed Not Cancelled Bayelsa NPC officials further clarifies


2023 Census Postponed Not Cancelled Bayelsa NPC officials further clarifies

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A delegation of the NPC Bayelsa State staff visited the Census Committee members in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State today.

The purpose of the visit was to formally inform the committee members that the 2023 Population and Housing Census has only been postponed and not cancelled. The preparations for the census are still ongoing.

Mrs. Evelyn Micah, the Bayelsa State Director who led the delegation, emphasized that every person is a stakeholder in the census process. The data generated from the census has far-reaching effects on everyone’s lives, including future generations.

Mrs. Micah requested that the Census Committee members continue to collaborate with the Commission to ensure that the forthcoming census is credible, reliable, and accepted by the people of Bayelsa State.

The Census Committee Chairman in the Local Government Area Dr. Koko Dinipre expressed gratitude to staff of the National Population Commission for their dedication in ensuring that every individual in Bayelsa State is counted during the census. He also pledged their unwavering support to the census project.

Also speaking at the occasion, the NPC Head of Public Affairs Mrs. Elia Omiloli said that the National Population Commission values Census Committees at the local level as they will greatly assist the Commission in spreading awareness and educating the grassroots population.

The NPC delegation presented the Census Committee members with 2023 Census branded items and publicity materials, including t-shirts, fez caps, stickers, and reading materials. These materials will aid the Committees in their efforts to raise awareness and educate the public