At 71: APC North East Nat’l Vice Chair Salutes Nigeria’s President-Elect


At 71: APC North East Nat’l Vice Chair Salutes Nigeria’s President-Elect

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….Salihu describes Tinubu as Nigeria’s hero of democracy

Nigerian President-Elect, Asiwaju Ahmed BolaTinubu was praised as the Nigerian Hero of Democracy whose passion to serve humanity is beyond description.

Tinubu received praise today as he clocked seventy-one years of meaningful life span by the North East National Vice Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Mustapha Salihu Ph.D.

Salihu said Tinubu is God’s preserved Nigerian Servant/leader who went through the waiting room of preparation and came out as a refined gold leader who is fit, ready to deliver Nigeria from underdevelopment.

The APC National Leader in a statement sent out Salutations of great achievements made by Tinubu, and eulogies him as the New Nigerian President who has seen his seventy-first birthday In good health finding favor with God and men.

Salihu said the president in waiting is kept alive today for all Nigerians to know that God is God and rules in the affairs of men.

According to him, Tinubu will give the best kind of leadership Nigerians ever desire to get.

Salihu prayed a prayer thus:

“Sir, My prayer for you this blessed and beautiful day is that your Life Journey will Project Upward and will get Better and Brighter from your 71st birthday and beyond.

“Yes, your Progress and Success will not Decline and will Move Forward much Faster in the Direction of your Divine Destiny as God willed it to be, the coming Nigeria President.

“And, that you be Equipped to Rise, Advance, and Reach your Goals and the goals of Nigeria, our dear nation in God’s Own Time, and, that you will not be Delayed nor Denied or be Defeated in whichever way or form.

“Yes, God in his infinite Mercy will continue to bless you to Live a Life of Undeniable Victory over our country’s collective foes.”

“Our President and our Leader, you will row in God’s hand for preservation to take our country to greater and lofty heights.

“Happy 71st Birthday Jagaban”. Salihu prayed