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63rd Independence: Adamawa Monarch felicitates With Nigerians, says the country shall overcome economy meltdown challenges


63rd Independence: Adamawa Monarch felicitates With Nigerians, says the country shall overcome economy meltdown challenges

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The Hama Bachama, Chairman Bachama Traditional Council, His Royal Majesty, Homun Dr. Daniel Shaga Ismaila (CON) Kpawo Nomwe, Gilongo Diya, sincerely felicitates with all Nigerians on the occasion of the nation’s 63rd independence anniversary.

In a statement issued Sunday, by his Chief Press Secretary, Anselm Nuhu kyauta, the first class Monarch revealed that notwithstanding the large number and complexity of challenges that confront us as a nation and people, we still have many more reasons to be grateful to God and to celebrate than to lament our past failures and inability to meet our targets and plans for national development.

Dr. Shaga Ismaila noted that though the Country is passing through a series of debilitating challenges and indeed excruciating difficulties ranging from pervasive and persistent insecurity to socio-economic meltdowns such as rising inflation which directly affects the cost of living; to rising unemployment and under-employment; political upheavals and the direct impact of regional instability occasioned by many military takeovers in our immediate neighbourhood, the Francophone nations. It is not in doubt that we are experiencing prolonged escalations of regional insecurity and instability, strong religious divisions internal political upheavals such that governance has become too onerous and costly to undertake, nonetheless, these and other challenges that lie ahead are not insurmountable. Nigeria shall overcome.

The monarch, highly optimistic in his disposition and faith added that Nigeria will be the better for it especially if we come together and commit to more sacrifices for its oneness and progress. He urged Nigerians to continue to focus on what advantages we have as a nation rather than what we lack, and to continually give thanks to God for seeing the nation through all the political, economic and religious landmines that had threatened her very existence, unity, progress and development.

Homun Daniel Shaga called on leaders, irrespective of political, religious, tribal or regional affiliation to remember the sacrifices of our founding fathers and to join our hands and make our own sacrifices towards sustaining their efforts and making our country a better place and a destination of choice and preference by other nations and people. We are at this point today only because our founding fathers were selfless and paid the price, let’s follow in their footsteps.

Kpawo Nomwe, Gilongo Diya said that history has shown that for every great nation, greatness attained came with a price. We should be ready to pay that price if we must develop and be great. He said many nations have passed through similar prolonged and more tumultuous times in their journey to greatness and nationhood and they were able to overcome. Nigeria’s case
cannot and should not be different if we, its citizens, remain resilient and committed to building a prosperous and strong democratic nation where opportunities abound for all.

According to him, democracy and rule of law offer liberty and freedom for citizens to realise their God-given potentials. Let us pursue these lofty ideals diligently as we strive in our journey to greatness. His Majesty called on all leaders at every strata of life to commit to the necessary and much needed sacrifice in order to support our collective effort towards moving our nation to a higher and better pedestal for the benefit of all.

He used the occasion to pray for the restoration of peace and calmness in parts of the Country where prolonged insecurity in the form of avoidable herder-farmer altercations, banditry, insurgency, kidnap for ransom and other forms of criminality still thrive and stand as hindrance to peace and beneficial economic activities.

He wished all Nigerians the very best of all things in the days and years that lie ahead.