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Binani’s visit to Shettima confirms him her political role model-Uba Dan’arewa


Binani’s visit to Shettima confirms him her political role model-Uba Dan’arewa

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…says it will further tear Adamawa APC apart

Adamawa Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Alhaji Uba Dan’arewa said the Visit of Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani alongside her campaign entourage to the Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima will further tear than uniting the party at the state level.

According to him, their visit has also confirmed what they have been telling the people of Adamawa state of wanting Kashim to be the political leader of all APC members in the entire North East.

He said this has further confirmed that Binani has finally gotten a new political pillar she can hold and rely on from Borno than any other person in Adamawa State.

Uba in an interview with this medium recalled many instances when Aishatu and her supporters vowed to take power in the state with or without a single vote because Kashim has promised to make her the Governor of the state.

He said her entourage to Kashim towed the wrong path of unity by failing to even appreciate those who labor for the party and canvassed votes for APC in the last elections.

Uba said the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Barrister Boss Mustapha has played sensitive and salient roles in making sure APC won but his efforts are not appropriated by Binani and her political allies.

“Let’s call a spade a spade, we don’t have any senior party leader more than Boss Mustapha in this state, he is the first point of contact as far as political lineup is concerned.

“If there is anybody to visit to show appreciation or for whatever political reason it must be him because he is the party link man from the state to the national level. But they sidelined possibly because they felt out with everyone and the faction she created long ago to fight us is what touring around for favor.

“For God’s sake, I know how Boss stood for her during our party primaries by making sure the right thing is done. I know how hard he worked to canvassed votes for APC, he moved from one house to another talking to Adamawa kinsmen and critical party stakeholders canvassing votes for Asiwaju and her but yet is not so important to be recognized by Binani.

“This visit to Kashim is nothing than a tearing formula of Binani to Adamawa APC. It is a visit seeking for political relevance, a visit for lobbying and seeking favor and unfortunately for them, it’s a meeting dead on arrival .” Uba said

The APC die-hard supporter said is not surprised by all her antics with Boss Mustapha as he is now been seen as her enemy who denied her power when he confirmed to Buhari the true political situation in Adamawa.

He revealed that there is a rumor made around by some of Binani’s supporters that President Muhammadu Buhari is confident in Boss to tell him the true position of Adamawa and Boss told him contrary to their wish- that she didn’t win the Governorship election.

He extolled Boss to be a grassroots politician and a true loyal party man who is a founding member of APC and came from ACN before the merger.

He said if there are people that Binani needs to be loyal to are him, Engr Marcua Gubduri, Alhaji Abdulrahman Adamu, former Minister of Defence, and Mallam Nuhu Ribadu because they are the true APC founding members without a trace of unfaithfulness.

“Before the inconclusive election Boss was Binani’s Hero but when he told Buhari the true position of the Adamawa state governorship election after the rerun, he refused to endorse the illegality and he became her enemy and shifted her loyalty to Kashim Shettima as her newfound political leader.

“They never knew that whatever you see Boss becomes today he merited and earned it through dint of hard. He is a thoroughbreed politician and an erudite lawyer who was part of the formation of APC and the drafting of its constitution. For God’s sake, he deserves some respect over anyone outside Adamawa state.” Uba said

He however advised Kashim to concentrate on driving the economy to lofty heights through Tinubu’s renewal of hope mandate to Nigerians knowing his vast knowledge in the Agricultural economy as an expert, a former banker, and an experienced politician.

He called him to shun all those politicians who are after their selfish interests struggling day in and day out for one contract of the order but to build a strong Nigerian where every farmer and herder

“Nigerians are farmers and cattle breeders Shettima will get more credit when he ensures that Northerners in their regime feel a sigh of relief not to be dancing to the tune of politicians who are after their belly,” Uba added

You would recall that Uba a few days ago through an audio he created alleged Kashim’s too much involvement in Adamawa politics is condemnable.

Uba further alleged that his desperation to make Binani a Governor of the state against all odds working against him is also seen as someone who may unseat Tinubu for power.