I can end kidnapping in two months if FG will support me- Fulani leader


I can end kidnapping in two months if FG will support me- Fulani leader

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A Leader of Kautal Hore Lesdi, a Fulani progressive and unity group, Mallam Aliyu Usman has promised to bring to an end all the activities of Kidnapping, banditry and cattle rustling being carried out by Fulani Young men across the country.

According to Usman he has the will and the wherewithal to end all criminal activities perpetrated by some Fulanis if the Federal Government (FG) will support him for the just course.

He said as a Fulani Man, he know all the secrets of Fulanis kidnappers and bandits, their antic and tactics they use are in his finger tips to dislodged them without the use of the military or Police force.

Usman reinstated his assurance fishing out the bad eggs among the Fulanis using his wealth of experience as a Fulani leader, herdsman and know how the kidnappers modi operandi are.

He proffered provision of schools and improving their socio economic lifestyle by making them relevant in all aspect of life as some of the solutions of ending kidnapping activities.

Usman said Fulani people are law abiding citizens by nature if government can have a constant link or be liaising with their community head leaders no one will see any bad eggs among them.

According to him one of the ways to tackle the menace of kidnapping and banditry is government to forcefully enroll their children in schools.

Usman revealed that illiteracy is one of the major cause of this kidnapping activities by Fulanis, research conducted by many has shown that most a times the Fulanis are just instruments of use, some people are not Fulanis equiped them with the weapons to attack their victims.

He said for government to control the influx of Fulanis who are not Nigerians a proper registration and data capture through the National Identification agencies Like NIMC, INEC NPC others should record all those Fulanis in their areas of settlements.

Usman who is an indigene of Mubi North Local Government area of Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone and aspired to be Senator under the All Progressives Congress (APC) Party said his political will is to use the group to further unite both Farmers and herders to leave in peace through an enlightenment programs.

“We know must of these boys commiting the crime, we know their parents and the communities are coming from or residing . Once a Fulani Man is caught in the act of Kidnapping it’s a matter of sitting down with their parents, call the Man involved and warn him to stop. That’s end it.

“It’s unfortunate over the years Fulanis’ groups like Miyetti Allah has turned to be a political group which has been politicized. The group is not solving the root course of why Fulanis are found in kidnapping activities.

“If government can take a stock of every Fulani Man residing in any ward , bushes of every Local Government. If there is skill acquisition empowerment and capital for them to start a business kidnapping will automatically end.

_All of the books I have written and research I have conducted I found out that it’s only this formula that will end the problem of insecurity challenges in the name of kidnapping or bandits activities.

“If this thing can be done , I assure you of peace in all parts of the country and you will not hear of any kidnapping.It’s always dangerous if a Fulani Man no longer have cows and other livestock he lives on

“We only need government corporation and if they can give us the needed support there won’t be this reckless killings and attacks. We know how to talk and convince these our Fulanis boys.” Usman said