Attacks on Lere/Kauru communities: Stop hoping in govt and security agencies, they are part of the problem – Kaduna Indigenes


Attacks on Lere/Kauru communities: Stop hoping in govt and security agencies, they are part of the problem – Kaduna Indigenes

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Heaps of blame was shifted to the government of Kaduna State for being complacent to the constant attacks on the Communities of Lere And Kauru Local Government areas of the State.

The blames came when Yadin Garun-Kurama, a community in Lere Local Government area yesterday was attacked by gunmen suspected to be bandits.

They stormed the Serene community and started shooting sporadically, and eyewitnesses that scores were injured and he said two people were confirmed dead.

This comes despite many assurances by government and security agencies to be on top of the situation in protecting lives and properties.

A response of the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Kadunà State Command, ASP Mansur Hassan when Ungwan Kerau and Garun Kurama were both attacked by kidnappers that their men were on the ground giving heavy blows on criminal elements and bandits.

Mansur denied that no community is under bandits’ Siege in Kaduna State and that their men are everywhere dealing with the bandits.

He praised the men of the police officers for having leading stories in national Dailies claiming that over 30 bandits and kidnappers were arrested.

Mansur craved credible information from the general public to rid the state of criminals. Said If anyone has credible information, he should bring it to our notice.

Despite claims of wielding down the activities of bandits Indigenes of Lere and Kauru Local governments underscore the performance of all security agencies to nib at the bud of the many attacks they have been facing.

Mr John Aboki an indigene of Kauru Local Government said the Government of Nigeria has failed woefully in the area of security.

According to him the insecurity challenges in Kaduna State are bringing a national embarrassment culminating in international shame that common bandits are launching attacks at will, any moment they so desire on the citizens.

By his calculation over ten people were kidnapped and paid a handsome ransom, six people died between July and November as a result of the bandit’s operations.

He worried that the constant attacks on the Communities in recent times portray the government as complacent in all the happenings around those areas With the kinds of guns they are using to kill people.

“I’m calling on Communities to stand up strongly and defend themselves and stop relying on the government because the government is part of the problem,” John said

Augustine Yakubu said yesterday’s attacks on the Community of Yadin Garun Kurama have affected him directly as his cousin Brother, Iliya Gizo (Mai Maganin Feshi) was a victim of the attack and died at a spot.

Yakubu who talked on the phone with our Yola correspondent narrated that other people as a result of Yesterday’s attack were confirmed dead; Mr Tio Agawa and one other person who was rushed to the General hospital in Saminaka later died.

“With this kind of constant attack and killings going unabated, one will relax and assume the government is working and protecting our lives? I think the government is complacent and is not ready to protect us the indigenes of the area.

“What is the difference between the police claims of working around the clock for our safety? We see nothing new, it’s one attack or the order we have been seeing. The efforts of the vigilante are more commendable than their work.

“The community guard arrested a Fulani Man who has been their informant within among us the reason why the bandits stormed our community and rescued him.” Yakubu Said