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Ad-hoc committee: El-rufai’s cabinet Rejects Allegations over money laundering


Ad-hoc committee: El-rufai’s cabinet Rejects Allegations over money laundering

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Members of the Kaduna state Executive council who served under the administration of Mallam Nasir El-rufai issued a preliminary response to the sensation driven and fact-challenging claims leveled against the council by the Kaduna state house of assembly during its sitting on Wednesday, 5 June 2024.

The state house of assembly adopted a document with title” Report of Ad-hoc committee on loans, financial transactions, contractual liabilities and other related matters of the government of Kaduna state from 29th may 2015 to 29th may 2023 during its sitting on Wednesday, 5 June.

The above documents have been dismissed after failed attempts to provide the certified true copy to back up such claims from colleagues, witnesses and members of the committee who were indicted by the Kaduna state house of assembly.

In response to this claims, the state council in a press release issued by Jafaru Ibrahim Sani (Former Commissioner, Ministry Of Environment), Hafsat Muhammad Bala
(Former Commissioner, Ministry Of Human Service And Social Development), Umma Yusuf Aboki
(Former Commissioner, Planning & Budget Commission),Bashir Sa’idu
(Former Commissioner, Ministry Of Finance, Former Chief Of Staff) and signed on behalf of the executive council pointed that

” The Ad-Hoc Committee concocted several claims, intended to grab headlines, which we challenge below:
Contrary to the allegations, we affirm that there is no basis for the wild claims about money laundering. This baseless allegation is the peak of the defamatory agenda to which the Ad-hoc Committee and the Kaduna State House of Assembly willingly lent themselves as spineless accomplices. It is crafted to sound weighty, but it is just hot air pushed out to excite passions and stoke outrage. Not a shred of evidence was produced by anyone before the Committee to justify this malicious claim that was plucked out of the air.”

The council affirmed their integrity in the Administration of which they have served the people of Kaduna State between May 2015 and May 2023 under the leadership of Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai.

“In eight years, this Administration in which we were greatly privileged to serve impacted Kaduna State with innovations that accelerated the modernisation of the State, prioritized human capital development, expanded its infrastructure, improved its business standing, and promoted equality of opportunity.”

“During Malam El-Rufai’s tenure, his Administration, in spite of our State’s public safety challenges, was undoubtedly established as one of the best in Nigeria.”

” We hereby dismiss this Report and the processes associated with it in their entirety. The Report is the outcome of a process motivated by malice and conducted with patent unfairness. It is irredeemably riddled with falsehood, predetermined conclusions, and misrepresentation. The Report is bereft of rigor and accuracy and fails to demonstrate any understanding of the various matters it purported to investigate”. The council stated

Also “The authors of this Report and their sponsors seem to have calculated that rigor is not required in a document whose purpose is to splash mud and smear reputations. We shall exercise our right to defend our hard-earned reputations, but without prejudice to that day, we wish to rebut and refute the avalanche of dirty lies dressed up as a clean official report.”

We reiterate that this statement remains a first response to the obtuse report issued by the members of Kaduna State House Of Assembly. At the appropriate time, every single allegation made in the report will be shown for what it truly is a planned, greasy, and poorly hatched and in competently executed effort to damage our individual records and reputation along with that one of the most capable and dedicated public servants in Nigeria. In the meantime, we thank you for your attention and request you to be standby for further updates.

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