A better hope in Adamawa APC as Patricia is turning Party into wine


A better hope in Adamawa APC as Patricia is turning Party into wine

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By Ahmad Marafa

I have been in the tour team of Hon. Patricia Yakubu throughout the 21 Local Governments of Adamawa State. The mantra was just one: she’s turning water into wine and making many party women walk on water.

Her first call was to summon all the APC women leaders and other women party Executive from the ward level to the local government to have a progressive discussion towards the unity of the party. They can focus on supporting the party stakeholders and the 2027 election.

Should I remind us that I once said she’s on a journey of sacrifice? Based on her past records and curriculum vitae, she’s supposed to be at the National Affairs of the party, but she decided to accept the task to come down to the state level to ensure that the change mantra has clinched in the state party affairs of Adamawa.

Among the 21 Local Governments we visited, the words of the State woman leader have massaged the emotional quantum of our women party officials and renewed their hope towards the party affairs. Apart from giving them hope and focus towards the party, she gave them some palliative of cash and wrappers to boost their immune system. This is a way of saying, “Do not lose hope, nor be sad. You will surely be victorious if you are true in faith.”

Ah… Should I say gratitude will bring you happiness? The happiness and appreciation shown by the women leaders have inspired the state woman leader to still strategize for a beneficial program that will impact the entire community of our dear state.

The visit was rounded up with the donation of medical equipment to Numan General Hospital as a Humanitarian Services to the community of Numan. Should I still say this is the messiah that the APC was expecting in our dear state?

I think, to my own thought, this tour deserves to round up with a key strategic women stakeholders’ engagement at the higher level, where the key women at both national and state levels from our dear state will be engaged towards the development of the party.

Our own state woman leader is global and international but decided to give her own quarter to the party at the grassroots. We wish her well towards her stay in the office.

Mohammed Ahmed Marafa PSLC
Yola North of Adamawa State