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A Book in tittle “Kamwe people of Northern Nigeria” will soon be launched In Adamawa


A Book in tittle “Kamwe people of Northern Nigeria” will soon be launched In Adamawa

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A London base Adamawa Son from Michika Local Government Area,Mr Iliya Yame Kwache has authored a book outside the shores of Nigeria and tittle it “Kamwe people of Northern Nigeria”

In the book he expose much of the origin, history and unravel the rich hidden culture of Kamwe people, and why they are what they today for public consumption.

According to him Institutions of Higher learning and advance secondary school students of history will find the book worthy of Impacting them with knowledge of who kamwe people are.

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto,a prolific writer and orator , Dr Mathew Hassan Kukah forwarded the book and stressed the need of sustaining culture and having a well archives of history of Nigerian tribes that will educate younger generation to come.

The book is scheduled for launching in Nigeria by April of 2017 and is calling on all Kamwe people both home and broad to grace the occasion in their huge numbers.

Responses (5)

  1. This is a long awaited publication. The northern minority nationalities must wake up and register their Identities. The author’s foresight will go along way to promote awareness needed for a greater Nigeria.

  2. To the glory of God, this is a great opportunity to let the world know that there are people called Kamwe. Indispensable people that have much to offer to the entire humanity. Hero of Kamwe, we are proud of you. God bless you.

  3. That’s good.Culture is very important to maintain.Kwame,Higgi,Michika and Bazza people mean the same people.I hope the book will address that.Meanwhile there is twelve clan of Higgi land.The tribe is Higgi and the people are Kwame.Congratulations bro in advance.

  4. This is really commendable. The world need to hear and know about kamwe, the great people of Adamawa state.

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