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A ‘Smear Campaign’ From A Callow Chap Can’t Deter Us, Adamawa Council Chair defended by loyalist


A ‘Smear Campaign’ From A Callow Chap Can’t Deter Us, Adamawa Council Chair defended by loyalist

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Ibrahim Abubakar Toungo

In politics, new things invariably emerge at queer moments. Political mongers without clue and out of hatred bend on destabilizing the good open-handed and broad-minded public office holders.

One could wonder how some well educated chaps stoop so low to wage a Smear Campaign, write rubish, simply to get public sympathy. I gnash my teeth whenever I come across such write-ups.

Recently, one Usman Umar Toungo, wrote a piece, tarnishing the image of the Toungo Council Chairman, Suleiman Gangkuba, pouring orgies of fabricated campaign of calumny, appearing as an unrepentant political heckler.

This man, whose friend aspiring to be the next Chairman of Toungo Local Government Area was too early for this censure in a manner very disgusting and infuriating to the sensibilities of the good people of the area.

He accused the Council Chair, of bad governance mismanagement of public funds and raised the issue of dilapidated local council Secretariate among others. All was trying to rationalize his disguise motive.

It’s unfortunate, that you embark on this cook-up unpalatable media hype against the Council Chairman at a time when you should have asked your friend to join other well meaning Toungo politicians to assist people, cushion the effect of the current hardships.

Despite your friend’s unobtrusive connivance with APC Chief Executives against the PDP, you still appear smart but dim to accuse the Council Chair of leaving dilapidated infrastructure in the Local Council Secretariate.

It’s believed, he wages this campaign to fob off string of complaints against his friend by many PDP stakeholders in Toungo. His anti-party activities have long been noticed.

It’s naive and wishful thinking to say that you could persuade Governor Fintiri to abandon a young promising talented political gladiator of our time, Hon. Suleiman Gangkuba to pick you.

Perhaps, the disgruntled politician who hide engages in this because of envy as he doesn’t have the CV that could match that of Suleiman Gangkuba who is always inwardly thinking about his people.

Hon. Gangkuba since his assumption in office as Council Chair, he has brought a lot of achievements in the area of infrastructure buildings and empowerment among others.

These include renovation of Yelliso Federal Model Health center, Kiri Primary Health care centre, construction of Toungo township Hall, renovation of Chairman’s Official residence. Completed.

Others include electrification of local government secretariat, construction of Dugdu bridge, purchase of new Peugeot 406 for vice chairman, Toyota Previa for oversight function of council and 18 electric poles.

“Purchase of motorcycles for 20 Village Heads in Toungo, empowering over 100 women with industrial and Sewing machines, construction of a block of two classrooms and office in Mayo vem, dawo two Ward

“Construction of a block of two classrooms and office in Sakamo dari, toungo two Ward, cash empowerment for women within Toungo Metropolis and reconstruction of a block of two classrooms and office at Dawo One Primary school.

“Hosting of Chairman’s cup football tournament, training of women in various trades to be self reliant, purchase and installation of Street light in Wasi Community (Dawo One) and purchase and distribution of 1200 bags of fertilizer and 100 cartons of herbicide to rainy season farmers.

“Purchase and distribution of liquid fertilizer for dry season farming yearly, instructional materials to education authority, appointment of over 150 Special Assistants and disilting drainage systems within the Metropolis.

“Purchase of Kits for Toungo border Lions football club, reactivation and prompt payment of allowances to border Lions football club, construction of NULGE House, sponsoring of over 100 students yearly for JAMB/UTME examination.

“Payment of scholarship allowances to over 15 students studying at college of Health Science and Technology Mubi plus monthly stipend of N10,000, electrification of Kiri – Naya communities.

“Purchase and distribution of security gadgets to security personnel, motorcycles for Primary Health care department, education, Police and department of state security in Toungo and relief materials to victims affected by rainstorm.

“Reactivation of over 100 broken boreholes in Toungo LGA renovation of Nine (9) blocks of 23 classes and 4 offices from 8 different Primary schools and procurement of 1000 three sitter seats for the renovated blocks.”

Retract your steps or else we will unmask a lot of your atrocities to the public domain.