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Abia govt cracks down on touting, establishes unified taskforce


Abia govt cracks down on touting, establishes unified taskforce

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In a decisive move aimed at eradicating touting and harassment of residents under the guise of revenue collection, the Abia State Government has greenlit the establishment of a Unified Taskforce.

This taskforce is mandated to oversee all forms of revenue enforcement across the state, effectively streamlining the process and ensuring accountability.

Commissioner for Information and Culture, Prince Okey Kanu, emphasized the government’s commitment to putting an end to the menace of touting during a briefing with journalists in Umuahia following the Executive Council meeting.

He revealed that the unified taskforce would be responsible for collecting revenue accruing to both the state and local government areas, with membership drawn from various ministries and agencies, including the LGAs, to ensure comprehensive representation.

Kanu outlined the government’s proactive approach to ensuring the ethical conduct of taskforce members, announcing plans for a retreat scheduled for next week to educate them on proper protocols.

He asserted, “Its inauguration would mark the end of harassment of innocent citizens in the name of revenue drive,” while issuing a stern warning that any misconduct by taskforce members would be swiftly addressed.

In support of the initiative, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Publicity, Mr. Ferdinand Ekeoma, underscored the significance of the new strategy in the administration’s efforts to sanitize every sector of the state.

He reiterated the ban on touting and emphasized that individuals collecting revenue for the government under any guise would be deemed illegitimate until the unified taskforce is inaugurated.

Ekeoma elaborated on the structure of the Unified Taskforce, highlighting its division into six zones across Umuahia and Aba.

He emphasized the appointment of coordinators tasked with ensuring adherence to the mandate and ethical conduct among taskforce members.

Ekeoma emphasized, “The essence of what government is doing as far as this one is concerned is to bring to an end anything that has to do with touting, illegal taskforce, and all the rest of them.”

As the Unified Taskforce prepares to take action, residents of Abia State can anticipate a more organized and responsible approach to revenue collection, free from the disruptions and abuses associated with touting.

The establishment of this taskforce marks a significant step forward in the government’s efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency in revenue generation processes.