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ADAC calls on Gov Fintiri to Establish State Disability Commission


ADAC calls on Gov Fintiri to Establish State Disability Commission

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A coalition of civil society called advocacy for Disability Act cluster (ADAC) has called on the Adamawa state governor His Excellency, RT. Hon Fintiri to establish the Adamawa state disability commission.

The group recall that, in 2018 the former president, his excellency president muhammadu in honour of the late mko abiola declared every June 12 as democracy day in Nigeria.

As we all celebrate the democracy day the advocacy for Disability Act cluster implementing strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement SCALE through Palladium with support from usaid has called on the adamawa state governor to establish the adamawa state disability commission.

There is no doubt that the Adamawa state governor in its previous administration have been committed to issues of persons with disabilities.

However, the Disability law of the state have been signed since 2016 but remains a toothless bulldog because a disability commission is yet to be established to enable full implementation of the provision of the said law.

The establishment of a disability commission will no doubt help to reduce discrimination against persons with disabilities in every space of life.

The absence of the implementation of the law limited accessibility at almost every level and by this, community of Persons with Disabilities have been discriminated and it has limited the impact of development in the state at large.

Grace Jerry, Executive Director-Inclusive Friends Association and ADAC Cluster Anchor signed a statement said the union used this opportunity and congratulated Governor Ahmadu Fintiri on his re-election to office and appreciate is good gesture in which it has consistently been an inclusive governor.

PWDs of course recognize the governor as one who has a special heart for communities of persons with disability it however encourages and called on the government to ensure the speedy establishment of the adamawa state disability commission stating that the impact of this commission will bring development to the state, increased funding opportunity, and as well the over 650,000 persons with disability will have the opportunity to bring on board their diverse skills that will transform the state and make it greater than it has been.