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The governorship elections in Adamawa state might have generated a lot of controversy given the dubious “inconclusive” outcome and the submission that continuously increases the number of polling units requiring a rerun. Despite the clear margin exceeding the cases of Kaduna and other states, states,Adamawa State governorship election was designated as inconclusive. From all indications,the decision is meant to create confusion ,delay justice and make room for manipulations that can alter what is clear victory of the PDP.

Inspite of the forgoing,what actually is of great concern is not the issue of saying the elections were ” inconclusive” this time around. Since M Jega introduced the dubious term into the Nigerian electoral process,the term has become synonymous with a tactical delay to facilitate fraud.

However,a new twist of calls” from above” by the REC in Adamawa is a new narrative that brings to question of how independent the ” Independent National Eletoral Commission” is. With the admission that instructions were given to assist” this woman”, it is very necessary that the rogue REC in Adamawa be made accountable and brought to justice until he divulges who gave such instructions from above.

Furthermore,Nigerians will want to know if people with such appointments have the power to help,even when the purpose is to impress foreign powers with the false and criminal victory of a female governorship candidate in Nigeria ? The faceless voice from “above” should be exposed and subjected to the lelectoral laws of the land that gives no room for sexism irrespective of gender. Both men and women are equal before the law in Nigeria. One man,one vote. One woman,one vote. That is what the law says. Therefore the claims of the Adamawa REC of instruction to” assist” anyone,male of female is criminal. In fact,this particular situation has exposed the fact that appointees to such sensitive offices need serious scrutiny to ensure their competence instead of laboring Nigerians with tactless officials that cannot even defend their conduct with plausible answers.

There is a need to go deep into the network of criminals that want to facilitate criminal injustice to the people of Adamawa and Nigeria by extension. Nigerians want the ” Fraudster” at the top that is responsible for such instructions. He should be made to explain why as an arbiter he thinks it is right to assist certain candidates. Our constitution written in English makes no provision for gender differences,we don’t have a “candidate and candidatress”. It is for this reason that ,for whatever intentions,good or bad,the statement of the REC implicates him in electoral misconduct punishable by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. An example should be set so as to teach others that such offices do not confer immunity,nor place the occupiers in a position to dole out power as they please. They have no right to “assist” or help invest anyone one with our common wealth. Doing so is criminal and can even be likened to treason. No one has the right to give power outside the dictates of the constitution.

The action of the Adamawa REC should be seriously dealt with. He should be brought to book along with the person “from above” that feels imperious to the extent that he can decide for the people of Adamawa who should government them. The duo,and if needs be,as many as possible that have a hand in perpetrating this despicable act should bear the full brunt of the law. Only this action can stop such criminality in future.

As we await the scheduled 15th of April dare of the rerun, the actions of these unpatriotic rogue electoral officers should not be written off lightly. Their actions had brought us to the brink of chaos ,social disorder and near bloodshed. But for the equanimity and matured handling of the affair by Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, whose PDP situation room was under siege by the DSS ,Nigeria Polce, Nigeria n Army and what have you ,with Binani at hand to watch, Adamawa would have been engulfed in violence.

The powers that be,even those “above ” should know by now that the people of Adamawa are not fools. The “fraudulent ” guys “above” should keep their hands off Adamawa. The fact that they did not deemed it fit to remove this abominable REC that almost set the state on fire is a clear indication that they mean us no good.

The people of Adamawa will against all odds prove to the world that this time around,with our eyes wide open unlike in the past,the proportionate gap will be higher. The forty thousand votes up for the graps will be added to the winner.
Did you watch Channels TV? Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri said it all, and that is what the people of Adamawa are saying…

While he sits atop 31k vote lead, she is on ground zero!!!!!