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ADAMAWA: Against The Fatawa, Farauta or Binani, A Female Is The Current Governor


ADAMAWA: Against The Fatawa, Farauta or Binani, A Female Is The Current Governor

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The narrativisation is taking a renewed dimension, however conspiratorial, with the official assumption of the first female professor in active elective politics, the first female Deputy Governor, who was and is the first female Vice Chancellor, Professor Kaletapwa George Farauta as the Adamawa State Governor, to run for two weeks in acting capacity as the first female Governor.

What happens with and to the made in Adamawa Fatawa that forbids women, who could though be elected as lawmakers, from being elected to serve as governors and/or where are the Fatawa Warriors? Who wept, where and why?

There was nothing – as carefully rather than carelessly or crudely conceived by the commentators and with cruelty captured by the communication medium, being the message – the convention for the conspiracy, the conspirators and the conveners craftily corrupting the Qutba to condemn the commendations that craved for the compassionate with credible capacity, capable, competent and courageous “Chief Executive” candidacy in the political heroine, the amazing amazon who moves the mountain against sentiments that breed disinformation and misinformation from the path with her heels to Dougirei Hill, to heal from the harrowing heat, what she would consider as battered and tattered leadership and administration that grows to erode public confidence in the to have been good governance – have not done but to persuade the electorates against her, whom they so elected in reciprocity to philanthropy as a walk the talk philosophy against rapacity, humanitarian services as a social responsibility without being selfish, and effective and efficient representation, with no arrogant-ego, beyond the mission so accomplished and totally against the betrayal of trust, Alhaji Umar Mustapha Madawaki, a.k.a Otunba of Ekiti would in politico-literary analysis articulate.

The trending was the Fufore fury; a Fulani hate speech conspiracy crafted by a media aide in antagonism and that which should have been dismissed as balderdash, considering the marvelous contributions of the amazing amazon in not shattering or battering but bettering the socioeconomic situation of the citizenry without undue sentiment; considering also the intimidating popularity and stupendous population of supporters during the governorship campaign, sufficient for the former President Muhammadu Buhari, joined by other political elites to refer to her as the Adamawa state Governor-In-Waiting following the landslide victory right from at the party primaries.

“Mama oyoyo”, “Sai matan nan” and “Sai mai dan kwali” among the numerous slogans, were sung to celebrate her welcome campaign train that moved night and day, defeating insecurity across the 21 local government areas of the state with the intimidating not rented population of electorates as supporters.

However, the influence of religion in breeding sentiment, what the greatest Jewish philosopher would be pleased to refer to as opium of the masses, is emotionally strong in Adamawa among other states, hence the deformed by disinformation keyed into the Binani hate, forgetting the shared social welfare and Humanitarian love extended, ignoring her call not to be deceived by the merchants of politico-religious propaganda in the name of campaign, because there’s nothing religion in the electioneering atmosphere but a conviction to be just and true.

Fufore, where it was the lie about the Fulani in the would be Binani government was conceived, was the same local government, among other places, where the conduct of the governorship elections were challenged before the tribunal as being marred by violence and fictitious allocation of polls results.

The next is that which was raised by those who were considered as “Fatawa Warriors” proselytizing against a female for governor as a theology, so long as the candidate would remain the indefatigable and uncontestable distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, a.k.a Binani, the amazing amazon made political heroine, considered would be the first female Governor in the country.

Being a female, One would have thought, as Otumba of Ekiti would observe, that the Fatawa Warriors would frown at Farauta’s emergence as the current governor in Adamawa state, however in acting capacity.

Could the silence and the unsaid about the development be said to be pointing to the strong stench of what was alleged of the Fatawa to be only exclusive to Binani?

The answer to the question takes another story…