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Adamawa: APC grassroots politician, Dauda declares interest to run for Hong LGA election


Adamawa: APC grassroots politician, Dauda declares interest to run for Hong LGA election

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As the Adamawa State electoral Independent commissioner said July is the set Month that they will conduct elections across the twenty-one local government areas.

A grassroots politician who is a known Youth activist, comrade Dauda Kushu has declared his interest to contest under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party Chairmanship position of Hong local government area.

Kushu in an official declaration of interest press statement said APC in Hong LGA with the defeats of 2023 from Governor, Senator, and House of Representatives down to the House of Assemblies and the bullying of the PDP ruling party in the state becomes a mandatory decision for him to join the race.

According to him joining the race will certainly make the APC regain its lost glory and will properly checkmate the ruling party even though the APC has been traumatized by the serial defeat of previous elections it will stand its ground again if his likes will eventually join the race.

“The defeat of 2023 elections in the State from all ranks has traumatized and demoralized our support base at the grassroots and if not checkmated on time, it might affect our party seriously in the future political participation

“As our party (APC) sets to participate in the next LGA Elections, I’m overwhelmed with your support and encouragement to contest for the Hong Council Chairmanship to salvage and reactivate the hopes and confidence of our members at the grassroots.

Please it has already affected our political history and no one will have to come from somewhere to fix things for us in our dear land. We must do that by ourselves. let’s do this together as a team. May God help us, Amen, thank you.” Kushu declared

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