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Adamawa APC Ministerial Slot: Sen Moallayidi a Party Man with staunch loyalty


Adamawa APC Ministerial Slot: Sen Moallayidi a Party Man with staunch loyalty

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Adaji Usman

The truth be told and states the obviously so that people with good morals with not be pricked or be policed by their conscience as against the many unfunded stories. I’m telling the story and change the narratives that Senator Abubakar Ahmad Moallayidi is one of the All Progressives Congress staunch Loyalist from Adamawa that the party is fortunate to get.

My close watch of Moallayidi an ABU graduate of high repute and a nationalist who earned respect across the length and breadth of Nigeria over the years has been a man with a strong fraternity to party politics. He is one Nigerian who defined his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he discovers himself in one, he dies by its principles and its ideologies. This is where the All progressives Congress, APC, the party is lucky to have found him a good Man and part of the party’s camaraderie with unblinking loyalty.

Ahmad after the merger in 2015 remains committed to preaching and defending the party’s ideals. Is no doubt one of the stanchion Man in the country and his enduring loyalty to the party is a glaring fact he is a die-hard party stalwart.

Knowing this Man from the cradle of his political lifeline to date, I can comfortably say is one of the Last Man standing for APC in Adamawa and indeed for the nation come rain come sun shines. Ahmad has sold out his conscience to build an APC of goodness for the Nigerian people. I have seen his body language, his composure, and his political temperament can go to any length for the APC to remain a national party. Amidst whatever situation, Ahmad can be there for the party he is doing well in working for Nigerians to get out of the woods of stagnation.

With no single political appointment or holding any position, Nigerians have discovered a leader, a Man with a passion to serve, deliver, and recreate a new haven that truly suggests the country with multiple mineral and human resources to build a nation of our fore father’s dream is possible because of the Man in Ahmad

His knowledge in government is measureless, his experience in leadership is far-flung and his far-reaching experience in business to woo investors of all races and countries has stretched out to many nations of the world. More so that he attended leadership and business courses in Havard, UK, etc. It was there learned the rudiments, got the leadership skills in strategic thinking critical aware of the country dire needs of good leaders.

Senator Ahmad is one Nigerian Man who is a colonnade of APC with his Mr ” strategist” titles that has become a slogan of political change mantra in Nigeria, most especially Adamawa State, his land of birth. The Man has no doubt a discovery of wisdom, one of the Adamawa’s Son that is immensely contributing to liberating, emancipating, and salvaging the entire country from the crutches of leadership defects and putting life, meaning, and adding value into the political lifeline of Nigeria because of his firm belief in APC.

In him is the girdle of strength to lead well, he holds in his hand the rod of direction that will help in taking APC to a haven of rest for all of Nigerians. The party Man despite what people consider weakness in his silence and muteness in delving into national issues. I see it as a virtue of greatness he owned that is using to camp down and stabilize many uproars within and outside the party that will possibly consume the party whenever he talks unduly.

As they say “silence is golden”, to me it’s not only golden, there is power in silence. This is the power Ahmad got that is having an effective thinking for all Nigerians. A brainy gift that is helping APC at the National and state level because of his staunch loyalty to the party.

It is beyond question that he is another beacon of hope, a glorious flying horse for APC. A trailblazer with all the threads of good leadership. Giving life to APC, the party he sojourned fighting tooth and nail to sustain its glorious future for Nigeria and to all Nigerians.

With his resilience and his good intentions for APC and Nigeria, I’m glad to say that Ahmad and many others abound in the country to give hope to Nigerians that the country can be better under President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s ashes of ugliness can be replaced with beauty because people like Modi are ready and willing to support the presence government to succeed.

I’m calling on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to acknowledge the proficiency and accomplishment of Nigerians like Sen. Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi for the ministerial appointment into the Federal Executive Council, FEC of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Ahmad is one unique brand whose political lifestyle is full of sincerity and building on trust in who he is. This Man is one for all equal to All Progress Congress, APC, a die-hard of the party since it was merged with other parties”.

Ahmad represented Southern Senatorial Zone, but his growing political tentacles were clipped because of religion, ethnicity, and all sort of primordial sentiments worked against him and denied him to secure his second term bid of his Senatorial race. This easygoing and intelligent Adamawa politician has achieved strides of development while a Senator serving the Southern zone. He suffered from archaic mentally of people beclouded with all sense of bigotry, he found himself as what others will describe as “a politician in the disadvantaged zone of Adamawa, an area considered a Christian dominated with nine Local Governments. He will not have in any way a smooth ride to a successfully win the election under any party or guise. The forces that worked against him are purely ethnic and religious”.

The rare opportunity he got in 2019 to win the election was associated with Insecurity and the Buhari Mantra of Change. But the subsequent election of the APC family also contributed to his failure because of internal squabbles”.

I can now see hope for Nigeria because there is a Man (Ahmad) dying to keep the flag of APC flying as a pillar that can bring or spark up the light of progress in all parts of Nigeria.

May I now shout it out and make it boldly in the tablet’s heart of all and sundry that Mallam Ahmad remains the best loyal Man of APC, the last Man that can ever stand for the party in the interest of all party men. This is where I cherish his brand of politics. A party Man at all times, his belief in serving any political party is what will birth out good leaders that will serve the nation.

Ahmad can be an excellent APC Man from Adamawa for ministerial nomination going by his political and career pedigree over the years. His loyalty to the party is unquestionable with no traces of doubt”.

I can see his vision and dream of a new APC have made him the number one party Man I cherish.

May I, therefore, say that the APC at the national level should have confidence in the likes of Ahmad to bring about a new rebirth of the party with their honest and constructive advise. May I also say that President Bola to have people like this Young in working closely with in other to help him pilot the affairs of this nation. He got whole lot of ideas in terms of leadership and knowledge to give good support.

If Ahmad will have the opportunity of working closely with Tinubu I’m confidence he will make sure that the government will certainly be of the people by the people and for the people. APC will never be a backward government with him as a Man holding tight to its membership card. Nigeria will be secure, free, and well positioned to grow in all facets of life.The moribund companies and industries owned by the Federal Government will be revived. Life and human sanctity will be meaningful and economy vibrancy will take the lead. It is what I see burning out from this great Man.

This APC Man has the wherewithal, Ahmad is more than able to help in turning around Nigeria of today facing all lots of challenges for the World development. He has what it takes to give out for the party to attract global attention, he is well equipped to make Nigeria earned the world news of positive stories of a country with Boko Haram bedeviled the country with many attacks, and change the narrative that country will capture the attention of the global economy.

Senator Ahmed Abubakar chaired the FCT Area Council election in 2015/2016 producing the best result of 5 and eventually 6 out of 6 area councils.
A very resourceful, prudent, transparent, and down-to-earth Senator”.

He managed the sourced available resources to the success of the party. The point he was almost perceived to be an FCT-based politician because of his role in anything that concerns the party right from inception to date.
He is the Managing Director of ICC and Eagle Square. A place he has successfully managed with a lot of revenue generation for the government”.

The chairman of the Arewa new hope agenda. A detribalised, dedicated, and committed to his belief in the APC.
A man that should form Tinubus’s cabinet to drive home his pro-people program of renewed hope.

I call on the government lead by His excellency Sen Ahmed Tinubu to ensure inclusion of this all important person in his cabinet. This is my little contribution to nation building” he stressed

I see Ahmad as the best, the hope, and the life-changing supportive gear of the country’s development. His stay in APC is salvation has come to all Nigerians. My respect to this party Man. My call to Nigerians, most especially the people of Adamawa State is just simple, thump up for Ahmad the valued APC Man, he is giving much to development of this country in a silence mode,

Ahmad and APC are for the emancipation of Nigeria. The last and final option. This is my stand, my honest view in the interest of every one of us in the country.

I celebrate this Man for being loyal to APC from inception up to this time. He has no doubts tendencies of shifting loyalty to another party. There is no iota of doubt that he will ever leave, he is standing strong to defend the party at all costs.

Ahmad Abubakar Moallayidi , the party Man, is the role model of Nigerian Youths in politics.

Adaji Usman, APC-FCT Publicity Secretary. Write a this from Abuja-Nigeria