Adamawa: Ask Senator Yaroe to deploy lobbying techniques for the establishment of varsity in your zone-SABDA replies Fwa


Adamawa: Ask Senator Yaroe to deploy lobbying techniques for the establishment of varsity in your zone-SABDA replies Fwa

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The attention of a social cultural group known as Sabondale Development Association (SABDA) in Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone was drawn from a widely circulated report by Prince Fenny Fwa who has said the Southern Senatorial district has been discriminated by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led government for establishing a Federal University of Agriculture in Mubi without recourse to the principles of inclusion, fairness and equity to the people of his area.

SABDA through his Publicity Secretary, Hon Abdulraman Maina (Mutawallin Michika) washed down the views of Prince Fenny by saying that he should referred back to his Senator, Rev Binos Dauda Yaroe to lobby for the areas’ issues of Concern.

According to SABDA in politics, anytime any moment, the over twist of wanting More is in the forefront it depends on who is chasing after what for his people.

SABDA replied Fwa that Northern Adamawa which the University of Agriculture is situated in Mubi has no negative issue with their counterparts brothers from the Southern zone, especially the Numan federation.

SABDA in their press statement said that the Northern zone respect and hold in high esteem sister senatorial zones from both the central and southern zone of Adamawa State and indeed the nation at large.

The statement explained that the passage of two bills under whatever initiation came either from the legislature or the executive, is for the benefits of the nation and Adamawa state in particular; that is both the signed bill of the Federal Agriculture University Mubi and the one waiting for presidential assent as said by Fwa were all lobbied.

The group called on Fwa to be diplomatic in his approach to air his view as a responsible citizen, that as a matter of respect to begin with word of appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Hon. Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman SAN and understand that the establishment of the university in Mubi is for overall development of Mankind and the state in general.

The statement continued to read that :
“Fenny should reflect back and understand that Northern zone was long ago neglected on the defunct Sardauna province, with Mubi as its headquarters by the successive Nigerian Leaders. It is a fact that there were so many conditions laid down and greed by the UN after the plebiscite anchored by the late premier Minister, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardaunan Sokoto with our communities leaders in the Northern zone before and during the plebiscite, which made us to gave an overwhelming vote to belong to Nigeria not Cameron.

“So whatever it is for Northern Adamawa with five local governments gets as lamented by Fwa, it should be done on him it’s a long time struggle of our past leaders and we have senators that are always lobby for what is rightly for the area.

“It baffled me greatness for my Prince to gave a comparison based on Local Government areas. He should know that Northern Adamawa is unique with a share history of exclusion, unfair treatment and discrimination since the Sardauna time. Now that the present Administration of President Tinubu is out to correct the mistakes and fulfill the promised made by the Late premier, what is expected of us is to rally round this Administration of President Tinubu who has not taken our last voting for him for granted.

“So far, those appointed are making positive impact, let’s appreciate and take route of Oliver twist. Certainly many more are coming.

“I wish to humbly advise the Prince from Numan Federation to withdraw his comments and do the needful to encourage the Senator Representing the Southern Senatorial zone, Rev Binos Dauda Yaroe to fine tune his ways of lobby for the actualization of the Federal University of Education Numan.

“Let the Prince Appreciate the Hon. Minister of Education for his laudable steps taken within the shortest time he assumed office to make sure that the university is established. Because if he knows who Prof. Tahir is I doubt it much if my Prince will fly that kind of statement around.

I urges the Prince to commence Mobilisation of our Royal fathers in the Southern zone particularly from Numan federation, the elected Representatives and the critical stakeholders to do the needful for the realization of the Numan Federal University of Education in the Southern zone.

“The northern zone of Adamawa State has no hate history with the Southern zone, particularly the Numan Federation. Prince Fenny Fwa should not create one at this time that we need more peace than political uprising.

“We are people of common destiny and whatever one gets, it is to the development of Adamawa State. We are one. “