Adamawa citizens praise Tricycle rider for returning hand bags with valuables


Adamawa citizens praise Tricycle rider for returning hand bags with valuables

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Some citizens of Yola North Local Government area of Adamawa State have showered encomium on Sunday Bala, a commercial tricycle rider for returning valuables.

Maryamu David and Ladi Wazindi were perplexed when the lost hope of getting their bags they forgot when boarded Sunday’s tricycle from Bye pass to FAAN Quarters , only to received a big surprise on calling one of the phone (Samsung) with Sunday.

Upon calling him he immediately returned the valuables without wasting time and refused to receive any dime in showing appreciation.

According to Ladi all efforts were made for Bala to receive a token of appreciation were not possible but he simply Said: ” why should I receive any gift or appreciation? In the first place the valuables are not mine, God will not be happy with me if I can be so heartless.

“I might be in the same shoes tomorrow that I will need help too. No one will help or listen to me if I treat any of my customers, or anyone else badly.”

Maryamu and Ladi were amazed to see Sunday different knowing the fact that people are not honest enough when it comes with lost but found items, especially like theirs that the valuables are beyond quantifiable.

They said Sunday Bala is their hero of the year who deserves an Honor and special recognition in Adamawa State.

According to them the high rate of crime perpetrated by commercial tricycles other wise known as Keke NAPEP is rampant, describing a group of hardened criminals called Shila Boys as a serious threat to the state security who are using the Keke NAPEP for rubbing people at gunpoint.

Sunday who was once robbed of his tricycle discovered it today vowed never to use it for any form of atrocities talk more of indulging in any kind of crime.

Maryamu and Ladi praised him and reiterated that at this hard time the type of Sunday are rare and remain a Young Man they will live to respect.

“In this perversed generation is hard to see people with sunday’s character, an integrity that even the nobles cannot meet its standard.

“By all standard we are better off than him, he can be tempted to go away with all in the bags, we guise is a Young Man with the fear of God he showed up with all the items complete, untouchable and as it was.

“Indeed there are good Nigerians despite our high level of corruption and moral decay, at least we have seen one today, an Angel God sent to save us from shame.” Ladi said