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Adamawa Citizens praise UBRBDA Assistant Director, says is a Man of Integrity, a passionate Nigerian


Adamawa Citizens praise UBRBDA Assistant Director, says is a Man of Integrity, a passionate Nigerian

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Some Adamawa Citizens on a courtesy call to the General News (TGNews) corporate office along Atiku Abubakar way,2nd floor of Fombina House have praised Mr Abubakar Tela Suleima, Tambarin Mubi, described him as a star from the horizon with unwavering love for humanity irrespective of tribe or Religion.

A Youth activist, Comrade Shehu Yohanna, and Mr Christopher Andrew Jallo, and politically renowned voice in Adamawa both described Tela as a Man of proven integrity developing the lengths and bounds of the Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (UBRBDA)

Mr Yohanna said his encounter with Mr Tela is through the testimonies of people whom he has positively touched with his virtues act of kindness to humanity.

According to Yohanna is living in Hayin Gaba, the suburb of Jimeta, Adamawa State Capital one day a woman was saying “God bless Tambarin Mubi. “This Man is going to heaven without a shadow of a doubt. “A Man that I have never known to pay my hospital bills and gave me money for food and my Kid’s school fees? ” This Man is only God can bless him.

When Yohanna sought to know about the Man, she told him he was an angel that God sent to rescue her from death, and simply said “Someone said the Man is working in Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority.

Yohanna said he was shocked down to his marrow how Tela generously is with no sentiments and his discovery about him is the same story wherever he goes.

“No wonder the Emir of Mubi, HRH Abubakar Isa Ahmadu gave him the Tambari traditional title. The title means a shining star of the Emirate. May I remind the good Emir of Mubi that the shining glory of Tela is not only for Mubi is for the entire Nigeria.

“This Man’s story of kindness is heard all over the country, he is a good Ambassador for Adamawa State, wheel for development in UBRBDA we are here to tell you that the Youth are seeing a future leader in him. ‘Yohanna said

Mr Jallo in his commendations to the UBRBDA assistant Director said the story of Tela is even within the political circle that women, Youth, and people in high office are saying good of him.

He kept asking who is this Man who is rarely seen and noticed even in social events? Not until when he was turbaned the Tambari Mubi that his profile read and the caliber of people who graced the occasion it was then done on him Tela is a worthwhile Man of the people.

“My prayers for him is to live long, live in good health, and live in abundance to continue the good works is doing. I tell you the truth Tela is the best description of a passionate Nigerian.” Jalo Said

He praised him as a professional accountant who is excellent in doing his job and kept to work ethics and his first encounter with him is a passion to serve the nation and leave with good, clean records and good name.