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Adamawa JDC frees 512 prisoners


Adamawa JDC frees 512 prisoners

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Committee(JDC) has discharged a total number 512 out of 2, 060 inmates awaiting trial as well as those convicted and serving various jail terms at 7 correctional centers.

The benefitting inmates were among those convicted and serving their jail terms as well as those awaiting trial at Yolde Pate, Yola Old, Jimeta, Maiha, Mubi, Hong and Dumne Correctional Centers in the state.

During its visit at Yolde Pate New Medium Security Custodial Center recently, the committee discharged a total number of 223 out of 461 inmates including women awaiting trial.

It also discharged a total number of 26 out of 178 convicted inmates serving various jail terms at the correctional centre and admitted 52 to bail.

At the Yola Old Correctional Center at the headquarters of Yola South LGA, the committee freed 58 out of 343 awaiting trial inmates and granted bail to 27 others.

It also set free 9 out of 110 convicted inmates serving their prison terms. Out of 110, 32 were on dead row, while 5 others were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

While at Jimeta Prison, the committee met about 277 inmates awaiting trial, 106 convicted inmates and granted freedom to 23 from those awaiting trial and 5 from the convicted ones.

Equally, the committee stormed Mubi Correctional Center and released 25 awaiting trial, 39 convicts and granted bail to 5 and convicted 11 out of 396 inmates at the center.

While at Maiha prison custody, the committee granted freedom to 34 convicts and reviewed the sentence of 4 out 61 inmates. It also discharged 3 amongst those awaiting trial and 27 convicts out of 48 inmates at Dumne in Song LGA.

The committee was at Hong correctional center in Hong LGA, where it discharged 39 out 72 convicts and 1 out of 8 inmates awaiting trial at the custodial center.

Addressing the beneficiaries shortly after the exercise at the 7 correctional centres respectively, the Chairman of the Committee who is also the Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Hapsat Abdulrahaman, warned the beneficiaries not to go back to the society and commit crime again.

Justice Hapsat told them that the court will not be lenient to anyone of them who is re-arrested for any offence, and advised them to be of good behaviour in the society and engage in a productive ventures.

In his remarks, the Controller of Corrections, Adamawa State, Ahmed Abdu Usman, commended the Chief Judge and her committee for a job well done and congratulated the beneficiaries.

Responding, some of the beneficiaries thanked the CJ and her committee for granting them freedom, saying that words cannot express their joy and promised to be of good behaviour in their various communities.