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Adamawa LG Chairman signs MoU with TSUNDASS Nig Ltd to establish NIGIS


Adamawa LG Chairman signs MoU with TSUNDASS Nig Ltd to establish NIGIS

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU was signed between Numan Local Government area of Adamawa State and Tsundass Nigeria Limited to establish a Numan Integrated Geographic Services (NIGIS)

MoU was reached to launch the local government area to have an Agriculture Resilience Network Initiative, one of its kind in the Northeast.

The Council Chairman, Hon. Christopher Z. Sofore has formally signed MOU to commence the operation of the NIGIS program.

The essence of the NIGIS is to revolutionize the management and utilization of geographic information, harness the power of technology, and further have economic growth.

The vision of the integrated Services using the GIS technology is to also enhance emergency management, improve healthcare delivery, bolster education initiatives, and foster global connectivity within the Numan LGA.

NIGIS is to have a Numan Agricultural Resilience Network Initiative (NARNI) as one of the flagship components program which was also signed in the MoU documents.

An official of Tsundass Nigeria Limited, Mr Ephraim Bawan explained that the MoU was reached to empower farmers, promote agricultural diversification, enhance productivity, and build resilience to climate change and environment.

He said both NIGIS and NARNI will facilitate access to funding, technical assistance, and market linkages, empowering farmers to adopt modern agricultural practices and improve their livelihoods.

He revealed that the formation of agrooperativess is to initiate and establish active networks of farmers, promoting knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and collective action in agricultural production.

“NARNI will focus on diversifying agricultural commodities production, including rice, maize, watermelon, and various vegetables, to enhance food security and promote sustainable farming practices.

“Recognizing the importance of capacity building, NARNI will organize training programs on Agromechanization, fabrication, and other relevant topics to equip youths and farmers with the skills needed to thrive in the agricultural sector.

“In addition to crop production, NARNI will promote livestock farming and plantation activities to further enhance agricultural productivity and create additional income streams for farmers.

“The signing of the MOU and the launch of NARNI signify a new era of collaboration and innovation in agricultural development for the Numan LGA. Through partnerships with international organizations, donor agencies, national programs, and other stakeholders, NIGIS and NARNI are poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of farmers and the broader community.

“We set to journey Adamawa Local government towards a more resilient and prosperous agricultural sector. Together, we can build a brighter future for generations to come. You can come to the Secretariat at any time to tell you more about our operations.” Bawa Said