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Adamawa Man hangs himself over “harsh economy”, resident narrates


Adamawa Man hangs himself over “harsh economy”, resident narrates

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The Man who murdered himself to death was said to have gone through a lot of trauma because of the harsh economy Nigerians are currently experiencing.

A Man who said his name was Ali Ibrahim and stays in Rumde, the Jambutu area of Yola North Local Government of Adamawa State where the unidentified murderer hung himself to death narrated the ugly incident.

According to Ibrahim, the Man is facially seen around, especially during the early morning prayers and evening is all the time looking disturbed and worried.

He said he may not say exactly why he hung himself but is sure is because of the biting economy that triggered whatever reason that made him commit suicide.

He said though the deceased has committed a serious crime, but no one should blame him because what Nigerians are experiencing is because of the downturn economy is big enough to make one commit suicide.

“Tell me if you cannot provide food for your family, if you can not pay your kid’s and wards school fees and shoulder the family bills no doubt about it you may be tempted to do exactly what this man did.

“You will woke up every morning with no certainty of what to eat or where to go and get daily bread for survival. If you notice, people are becoming beggars with no shame, from the people you don’t expect to see them begging. It is clear the country is turning into something else and going through a lot of economy backlashes. As it is now invariably there is no food for the masses, even me that im talking to you I can’t guarantee my family the next meal.

“The difference between me and the deceased maybe because I can endure pressure and I feel contented with the situation. Sir honestly Nigeria’s economy is seriously derailing backward. There is no hope for the common Man, if you think there is no hope for you, the next thing to do is to hang yourself.

“If things will go the way I’m seeing, huh! Expect more stories to write of death by hanging being committed around by many. “Ali said

He called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to as a matter of urgency to do something fast to improve the standard of living else dying by hanging is going to be rampant.

Confirming the development in Adamawa, the state police command public relations officer, SP Suleiman Yahaya Ngoruje said the investigation has since commenced to unravel the rationale behind his death.
Mr Ngoruje further made a call to Adamawa residents to shun any attempt of murder because is a serious crime.

“Police and a team of medical experts are investigating the circumstances that led to his death, “Yahaya said.