Adamawa PDP HoR lawmakers say tinubu’s administration will surpass Buhari’s


Adamawa PDP HoR lawmakers say tinubu’s administration will surpass Buhari’s

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….I will do better than last term and ensure I do not fail my people -Laori

….Nigerian is suffering from leadership defect and lack of policy Implementation- Zakariya

Ranking House of Representatives (HoR) Lawmakers from Adamawa State representing Numan/Demsa/Lamurde and Michika/Madagali constituencies said they are hopeful of the Administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to perform better than the past administration.

Honorable Kwamoti B. Laori and Honorable Zakariya Dauda Nyampa made hopeful statements immediately after their swearing-in ceremony as returned elected lawmakers for the 10th National Assembly duties.

For Laori he said President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s regime can do better as a new government in place that has started to take serious steps and action in the interest of the nation.

He said some of the decisions already taken by Tinubu are hard and are what is expected of a good leader not allowing things to go unchecked.

Laori is hopeful that if Tinubu can continue this way things can change for the better though as Lawmakers they must ensure that the right things are being done, especially in the area of oversight functions.

“We have to create the checks that are expected of us as Lawmakers that the Nigerian masses voted them to work for them. We will not shy away from our responsibilities, the people have great expectations of us knowing the kind of hardship they are all going through.

“I will ensure that I don’t fail my people and do better than last term of my office, my people reposed confidence in me I don’t have any excuse to fail them, I must put in my best to ensure that the dividends of democracy reach them.

“We have other plans which we are going to put into motion through service delivery to serve our people better and differently,” Kwamoti said

He continued to say that the current house arrangement is different than the last one because they don’t know what the Tinubu administration has on the ground for the House or what it will turn out to be.

He gave assurance that whatever it turn out to be, it is going to be better and his constituents should expect the best from him.

Laori dispelled insinuations that the current house leadership will be a rubber stamp of the executive except if they appear docile and inactive in their primary functions and duties.

The Adamawa HoR member said the legislators will not sit down and allow the leadership of the hallow chambers to be a rubber stamp of the executive

Laori explained that the opposition has a good number to fight to stop the leadership from being a rubber stamp.

“The good part of this house is that the majority party does not have an absolute majority like before and any leader that will dance to the tune of the executive I’m sure the member will have a way of booting him out.” He said

He revealed that he is most qualified to hold any office meant for the opposition and his colleagues deem it fit for him.

For the member representing Michika/Madagali, Honorable Nyampa gave it all to the new president, Tinubu to have truly come with a renewed hope to salvage Nigerians.

The Lawmaker who had the opportunity of returning as a second-term ranking member said is optimistic that the leadership of Tinubu will serve Nigeria better.

He said that his approach and in-depth knowledge of Nigeria’s problems by Tinubu and the meetings they had together were a sign that he came with new vigor to rescue Nigeria because he has a lot of feelings for the country.

He is worried that the country is only suffering from leadership defects with no or little implementation.

Zakariya said they will do all that is within the purview of the law to support the government of the day.

He held the same view as Kwamati that they will hold the government accountable by checkmating the government to do the right thing in the interest of Nigerians.