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Adamawa SSG Will Not Be Intimidated By Political Slanderers


Adamawa SSG Will Not Be Intimidated By Political Slanderers

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According to Criss Jami, “the only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.” The season of envy and blackmail has since kicked started in Nigeria ahead of inauguration of new administrations at the state and national levels. An aphorism has it that “if you’re gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty and there is nothing worse than words of kindness than lies’.

Such is normal after the electioneering periods. Majority of the selfish politicians, embark on malicious activities to frustrate others from reaping the labour of their sacrifice in politics. Malam Bashiru Ahmad being the Secretary to the State Government of Adamawa has become the victim of such unwholesome attitude exhibited by some sadistic-go-selfish politicians in Adamawa, owing to the fact that the SSG is a gentleman and technocrat that always do the right thing when it comes to personal and official assignments seemed distasteful to the retrogressive.

I say it loud and clear! No stakeholder in the whole of Adamawa State, in this present political dispensation that can compete with the SSG. He is beyond their jaundiced contributions, conspiracy and complicity to bring him down.

The recent release of a statement credited to the so-called critical PDP stakeholders of Jimeta, the SSG’s immediate constituency, is a mere hate speech out of envy, equally aimed at both abstraction and distraction.

One very thing that disqualifies the so-called statement as baseless and even misfit in mischievousness is that is written by people without the rudiment knowledge of formal communication, as no one signs it on behalf of the ghost stakeholders. Or we can simply describe this as a play-and hide-seek as everyone is afraid of the lion who turns now to be the alpha and omega of Jimeta politics.

The questions bugling the mind is, who are these critical Jimeta PDP stakeholders? What are their contributions to the party? Have they delivered their units to the PDP in the just concluded 2023 elections? Where were they when the SSG was working tooth and nail to bring in development to Jimeta? Are they really PDP stakeholders when the SSG was busy as a bee organising rallies and town hall meetings to canvass votes for the PDP?

If this group answered the so-called stakeholders name, PDP would have clinched Jimeta with a landslide victory in all the recent conducted elections.

The simple answers are, these hypocritical politicians are the same guys that have been closed to government from 1979 and still are the highest beneficiaries of the government patronage even today. They however have nothing to show cumulatively for all the years as compared to what has been achieved for Jimeta in the last four years, thanks to the impact of the SSG on the good and strategic governance.

Who then is really a bona-fide Jimeta person? What then is the importance of their noise about heritage? Jimeta has never had it so good as now when they have a patriotic son as the engine room of the government.

One thing that they have clearly stated is that Governor Fintiri lost the election in Yola North because of the SSG, confirming in their ignorance they did not vote for the Governor and allowed the SSG to show his strength in Jimeta. With this then who are the real agents of anti-party activities in the election?

This has also shown that the twenty four thousand votes garnered was the single effort of the SSG. This is indeed a classic that one person could ganner this impressive quantum of votes. This is the more reason Governor Fintiri should keep this dogged ally.

The Governor now knows his true enemies who have always been so since 2019. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

By virtue of his position and commitment to humanity, the SSG is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the politics of not only Jimeta but Adamawa and Nigeria as a whole. The SSG will never allow disgruntled elements of political slander to distract him from the task at hand, performing administrative functions of the government and the new assignment given to him by Governor Fintiri to organise a befitting second term Inauguration ceremony of the Fresh Air Administration.

The Fintiri I know, wants the best and can always go for the best. When Fintiri looks for the best, no one can stop him. The SSG has become such a great politician that nobody can afford to miss him.

To those in it and others who intend to come in against the SSG, it’s better you surrender lest you end up in shame as no amount of fake and malicious pressure can change Governor Fintiri’s mind.

Written by Muhammad B. Muhammad