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Although Binani lost the governorship race at the polls ,she has succeeded in making us act irrationally. It is no lie that her “Wujja wujja” bravado has caused sleepless nights for democrats spread across the state and indeed the nation at large. She caused so much anxiety that resulted in irrational actions that will continue to affect many for sometime to come.

In desperation,she convinced and misled some gullible people into irrationally chasing ghost images of success that should have made rational people have a second thought. Her bravado and make believe histrionics fooled the security services into believing that serving her against all odds is doing service to those at the “top”. This resulted in the police, DSS,Army, NSCDC to act in unison and invade the situation room of the PDP in search of stuffed ballot boxes,an unthinkable and unwise act negated by the new technologies at work. This act in itself was irrationally conceived and portrayed the services in bad light.

In this digital era,a bunch of otherwise experienced political actors fooled some thugs into snatching election result sheets in broad daylight in the presence of security and party agents in the belief that the “Wujja Wujja” agenda can be executed with impunity in full glare of the free world. By this act,it became clear that the bug of irrational thoughts has infected an otherwise sane people to act irrationally.

An otherwise sane personage,selected ,screened by security agencies,armed with a law degree and called to Bar and sanctum of the temple of justice,Mr. Hudu Ari Yunusa, was bitten by the bug and he irrationally acted in a manner hitherto unheard of;announcing results before final collation and abandoning his post and disappearing from security chiefs and operatives for almost two weeks with nobody called to account for such,is irrational. How could that have happened except in Nigeria? Even now,no details of his arrest are known. Where was he arrested? Who was hosting him while a fugitive? From where did he emerge? Or how he was smoked out of hiding remains obscure. The ” a taimaki matan nan ” culprit is back with no rational explanation ,because a vixen has almost succeeded in making the impossible,possible with a generous war chest that made men to act irrationally. Otherwise how can security chiefs escort an important personage with maximum security and fail to account for his whereabouts? This is totally irrational.

Hudu boarded a plane and flew out of town,yet nobody seems to know whose plane it was. Where the plane flew to or where it landed and where he disembarked. This sounds like a UFO sighting,but our security chiefs could not even give a report on that. It is irrational to assume that all these things can happen without adequate explanation,yet we are all witnesses to this irrational ocurance.

To compound the issue of this irrationality is the fact that someone decided to defend and justify all of these negative actions by brilliantly couching the language of defence of a notable election fraud. Otherwise how can one explain the action of Ahmad Sajoh hitherto known for engaging in intelligent commentaries and write up on national discuss, to engage in tirades up to the extent of introducing ethnic and religious coloration that has the propensity to cause statewide tension and a possible breakout of violence, this in itself is irrational.

The fact that pandemonium broke loose and people ran helter skelter in search of Hudu after the fake announcement, the fact that aggrieved electorate pounced on an innocent man with the belief that he is Hudu, the fact that this INEC commissioner encountered a mob action that could have taken his life save for intervention of stakeholders who saved him is irrational. Nobody deserves such humiliation simply because another person has an over vaulting ambition to rule by hook or crook.

The fact that there were protests and counter protests with demands portrayed the fact that our collective psyche has been toyed with. This goes a long way to show how one unwholesome act from nursing and ambition to execution can cause Irrationality on the part of an already sane people.

Since the Hudu”Wujja wujja” saga began no one named has been brought to book. Pointed accusations by Hon Sadiq Ibrahim Dasin and positive identification of suspects has led to no arrest except for Hudu who was probably freed by aliens that could not keep him away from Nigerians forever. Hudu is now in safer hands. At least he cannot disappear a second time while in the custody of the police as he did the first time.

All in all ,we have learnt something from the Binani “Wujja ,wujja” experience. We now know that to think rationally is not the best at all times. Otherwise,how could Binani create such a stir in Fufore,extend it to Yola,involve a gullible out going UK envoy (British ambassador) who rushed to congratulate her and to later delete the tweet, cause the redeployment of several top officers , make respected individuals to quickly flank her for a fake acceptance speech, have NTA air it Live and to lastly cause the arrest of a REC.
Binani has set a record. She has taught all of us a lesson; that desperate situations require desperate solutions
For this lesson ,we will forever be indebted to Aishatu Dahiru Binani .

Never again shall we underestimate the power of desperation. We now know that the application of insane and irrational tactics can really confuse and disstabilize a polity.
PA bold ” Wujja, Wujja” cavalier attack almost caused havoc,but for the prompt marshalling of forces and the entrenched defiance by voters and Idi Hong at the Collation center in Yola and in Fufore that stemmed the “a taimaki matan nan ” mantra.

As the dust settles down,the irrational and insane lessons learnt will never be forgotten. In future we will think rationally,but make room for the irrational. We will make room for the bizarre and the insane. Never again shall a “Wujja,Wujja” campaign of desperation take us by surprise. As we pray to God to restore back our sanity, we make bold to say:

No,and never Again!!!

George Kushi
Press Secretary to Adamawa State
Deputy Governor
Writes in Government House