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ADHA: Hon Bathiya is well-kitted for the speaker seat in defense of the people’s mandate


ADHA: Hon Bathiya is well-kitted for the speaker seat in defense of the people’s mandate

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The 2023 elections ended with many surprises and successes for both losers and winners.

In Adamawa state is no doubt that winners have emerged in a keen contest from State houses of Assembly and Governorship elections of Match 15th.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has formed the Majority in the Adamawa State House of Assembly (ADHA) with the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the Major Minority Party with the follow-up lawmakers making the formation of the current State Assembly.

The speaker vacuum created by the present Speaker, Rt Hon Iya Abbas Aminu as a result of the senate seat he won during the last Presidential/senatorial elections for Adamawa Central made it very interesting who to become the next speaker of the Adamawa Assembly in the coming days.

Going down memory lane, the past speakers of the house were elected based on the records of their achievements in the second term and the zone or area which is most suitable to have him or her come from.

The contest at the moment is between Hon Bathiya Wesley and others who might be interested in the third person in the hierarchy of Adamawa State leadership.

Hon Bathiya is one of the youngest Lawmakers who is having the ranking status of the second-term lawmaker from the Hong Constituency of Hong Local Government area of Adamawa State.

The Promising Young politician has inception hit the ground running with his people-oriented bills which are today’s laws. He passed many resolutions and contributed in no small measure to the policy of the Adamawa state government under Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as the sitting Governor.

Bathiya is contesting to be Adamawa’s next speaker not by Chance or happenstance, it is because of the deliberate effort he is making in helping in developing Adamawa state and his performance as the house committee Chairman on Education, Tertiary and professional institutions.

It is on this committee that Bathiya built a vibrant onward legislative Live life with Fruitful grape vine building people around and outside Hong constituency with verifiable constituency projects, self-sponsored community-based projects, Laws, bills, and contributions on the floor of the house.

The people of Adamawa state have seen and taken notice of the strengths and weaknesses of the seventh Assembly under the leadership of Rt Hon Aminu Iya Abbas. All eyes are on the assembly now, how they will go about the current formation of the eighth assembly.

To many out there, the house does not have a choice other than Hon Bathiya Wesley whose political radiant glory is shining in his favor. As it is commonly said: “When preparation meets opportunity: Those that stay ready and prepare during this time will rise again. Bathiya prepared his way down to becoming the next Adamawa State speaker through his effective service delivery of the mandate given to him by the people of Hong Constituency. His last four years were a good job done and they decided to pay him back with a second-term tenure.

In this second tenure, the people of Hong already consider him the Lucky one as an opportunity is laid before him to go and conquer because he is well prepared to continue well the job of his predecessor, Rt Hon Iya Abbas.

Bello Saidu, a constituent of Hong during a hit debate on one of the social media platforms (WhatsApp ) argued that Hon Bathiya is one of the best lawmakers the constituency ever produce. He said the Young legislator has a political field and Well-Watered Gardens of Love for the people and does not show sentiment of whatever type.

Bello’s views are suggestive to say if Bathiya will becomes the next speaker of Adamawa State, the Land of Beauty will be Everywhere Around it Fresh and Green and the people shall Know No Dryness or Barrenness.

He revealed how Bathiya is ready to help Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri in changing the narratives of Adamawa to Flourish In All Seasons and the state will Enjoy Divine Increase with Ease because a good leader is on the throne of leadership.

“Adamawa will gain more, there will be Huge Profits not losses once Bathiya is allowed to serve as a speaker. The impact will be Great in all sectors of the state’s economy because he has the backing up of the people and God’s Divine Strength, favor, and Sustained wisdom will figure him out for the noble task ahead.” Bello said.

His four years of stewardship to the people of Hong, Bathiya has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that he can not be a rubber stamp Speaker. His knowledge about people and governance is one of a kind, he is a thorough breed Man of the people and a classical example of a good Speaker-Governor relationship in the building of Adamawa of the people’s dreams.

He is a good idealist, with a realistic approach to solving the myriad problems of the general masses. He is the best man, the only Man standing for the people’s lives. Their needs can be made in bringing and birthing out legislative ideas for the government of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri. It can be no one else, it can only be Bathiya to drive the Adamawa State House of Assembly to Another pinnacle of leadership.

He has it all, in terms of leadership qualities. His experience can be counted to give the best, the Young Man is an all-rounded leader. Support him to have an Adamawa of our dream.

My best wishes to Mr Wesley.

Tom Garba. B.Tech, MA, FIMC, FBDFM, SPSP
Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through these means: