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Alleged Tinubu Records Scandal: Group Alerts On Plot To Undermine Discovery Case


Alleged Tinubu Records Scandal: Group Alerts On Plot To Undermine Discovery Case

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The United Nigeria Group (TUNG) has raised the alarm that President Bola Tinubu is allegedly currently plotting with lobbyists to cause delays in the judgement relating to the discovery of his records at the Chicago State University currently going on in the United States.

The group, in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Dr. Bright Emenena, said that the alert followed the intelligence of a meeting between the President and his cronies in Paris, the French capital.

The statement reads, “Bola Tinubu and a well-known Lebanese merchant based in France met in Paris and recruited a powerful Jewish American lawyer and a known political lobbyist in Washington DC as a consultant to lobby the appeal judge to delay the judgment scheduled to be delivered either this Friday or Monday next week or to their favour.

“This meeting and approval was given last night in Paris at 10 pm Paris time.

“The payments are millions of dollars in cash and with crude oil as bonus.”

It would be recalled that President Tinubu left the United Nations General Assembly session in New York last weekend, in the middle of a scandal arising from the Illinois Magistrate court ordering the Chicago State University to cause a full discovery of his academic records at the university.

It would also be recalled that President Tinubu had caused an emergency appeal to the court order, with his lawyers in the United States, filing their appeal on Monday.

The Chicago court hearing the case is billed to receive the filling of Atiku’s lawyers latest on Wednesday and judgement to be expected in a few days after.