ANA: Sen Ahmed lists Ribadu’s achievements and says he will be a competent security adviser


ANA: Sen Ahmed lists Ribadu’s achievements and says he will be a competent security adviser

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…that Tinubu has taking his administration in the right steps and direction

The Convener of Arewa New Agenda (ANA), Senator Ahmed Abubakar MoAllahyidi in a press statement listed the achievements of former and pioneer Chairman of the Economy and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) , Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the newest Special Security Adviser appointed by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

Ahmed the appointed of Nuhu is Tinubu’s taking his administration in the right steps in the right direction haven known the achievements of this Africa corruption fight Czar.

Ahmed in his interface with media men in Abuja stated that prior to Nuhu’s appointment as the Chairman of EFCC in 2003, he served as key operational officer in the General Investigation and the Force Criminal Investigation Departments of the Nigerian Police. And He was a member of the highly commended Failed Banks Tribunal that sanitized the rottenness in the Nigerian Banking sector of the late eighties.

Listing on the Achievements of the country’s newest security adviser, Ahmed revealed that Ribadu has been widely acknowledged as bringing to his job a deep passion and an exemplary sense of dedication and efficiency. In three years, the EFCC under his leadership built the now most celebrated Crimes Training and Research Institute in the-sub-region.

He said the achievements helped make the EFCC a reference Law Enforcement Agency on the continent; and the bold investigation, prosecution, and conviction of Nigeria’s hitherto untouchable politicians and businessmen earned him the reputation of being a foremost and respected anti-corruption crusader in the world.

“It is to his record that he rejected a N30 million bribe from one of the country’s major money laundering offenders in 2005, although the most sensational report of his ethical conduct thus far was the 2007 rejection of a $15 million bribe from a former governor from one of Nigeria’s Niger Delta states. In acknowledgement of these modest achievements, he was promoted Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), in March 2007; the African Union put him on its advisory board on anti-corruption matters; and he was lately invited to join the advisory board of the friends of the World Bank/UNODC initiative on stolen-asset-recovery.

“Other notable achievement of Mallam Ribadu include but not limited to the de-listing of Nigeria from the Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF) List of Non-Cooperative Countries & Territories, admission into the prestigious The Egmont Group and the withdrawal of the US Treasury the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Advisory on Nigeria

“This No 1 crime fighting czar on the continent of Africa; Mallam Nuhu Ribadu it was who led the conviction, jailing and the return of £150 million ill-gotten wealth of the most powerful Police Man on the continent of Africa. This astute and fearless police officer it was who diligently investigated and provided evidence that helped prosecute foreign businesses who turned our country into one in which bribes must be offered while doing business in Nigeria.

“Some recognitions Ribadu has garnered during his service to the Nigerian nation includes; On 15 April 2008, Nuhu Ribadu received the world bank’s 2008 Jit Gill Memorial Award for Outstanding Public Service, for having led a courageous anti-corruption drive in Nigeria, as Head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

“On 8 December 2018, he bagged a global lifetime achievement award on anti-corruption campaign. The award was administered by Qatar-based think-tank, Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Centre (ROLACC).

“In May 2010 he made the list of the 20 most influential Nigerians alongside people like Philip Emagwali, Aliko Dangote, Emake Anyoku, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Wole Soyinka and others
On October 7 2018, Ribadu won the Malaysian Anticorruption award, alongside Leonardo McCarthy, former South African corruption fighter and ex-World Bank vice-president; the award administered by Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Centre (ROLACC) celebrates corruption fighters, academics and campaigners from around the world.
On Friday December 7 2018, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu won the Sheikh Tamim Bn Hamad al Thani International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award
In the face the sterling qualities exhibited by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu in and out of Government, ANA hastens to observe that staying safe and secure in Nigeria, is one the most immediate needs of many Nigerians; therefore, the sensitivity and anxiety attached to the arrival of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is a component of the renewed Hope.” Ahmed said

The Adamawa former senator who has represented the Southern Senatorial zone used the opportunity and thanked President Tinubu for hitting the ground running with his renewed hope radar of his leadership for all Nigerians.

He said the leadership of Tinubu is a little over two weeks ago, and he took over the helm of affairs following the victory and his swearing-in

Ahmed said ANA has followed with keen interest how the administration has approached and put forward its intention to provide leadership and discharge the responsibility of governance.

“President Tinubu has in two weeks exhibited the ability to tackle key issues in the country by taking some tough decisions. Many commentators have spoken about this new breath of ‘Governance-fresh-air’ it is not out of place for us to revisit some of the popular decisions and actions the President has taken in his less than three weeks of being President.

“On day 1, the President brought to an end the scam called fuel subsidy
Quelled a nationwide strike planned by the organized Labor- through persuasion!

“A single Naira exchange rate is emerging the President has held meetings with heads of strategic agencies, and giving them executive direction He has visited strategic defense intelligence and security institutions Nigeria has just posted a trade surplus according industry watchers. The stock market has received a boost and rallied.

“There is relative peace in the country; a sigh of relief envelopes every part of the country He has told the economic council that “Nigerians are awaiting pragmatic economic reforms”

“The president has appointed the Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF that received instant applause across the country The president proclaimed the 10th national assembly and supported them to elect presiding officers that further doused social and political tension as they seek to correct perceived imbalance occasioned by the 2023 national elections The president is taking on the issue of rising cost of living and provision of palliatives to cushion the impact on Nigerians He signed into law the long-awaited student’s loan bill and other ground breaking laws

“ANA is elated that the President who the association actively supported his emergence as the APC Flag bearer and eventual winner of the 2023 presidential election is doing the right things at the right time. President Tinubu has hit the ground running, as every new day since he took over brings in a new tide. Hope in the country is being renewed and Nigerians are coming to terms with the President’s passion and commitment to setting the country on a sound footing
Only yesterday, the President made 8 appointments of special advisers. The announcement was greeted with nationwide acceptance and jubilation- including even opposition circles. There has been no single voice of dissent!
ANA had posited in one of its public comments that “Two things will define Tinubu’s Presidency as a success or failure: What he does to insecurity and what he does to corruption. Why? Because these maladies are the two burning issues in the country today which if not taken down will take down the country or perhaps better put, will burn down the nation”” Ahmed further stated

While x-raying how the president has signaled his intention to tackle the twin menace of security and corruption; as this forms the bedrock of the press conference that he tagged “Taking the right steps in the right direction- the case of the appointments of Sen. George Akume, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, and others.

“The excitement following the appointment of the special adviser on security is still revibrating around the country; there is a palpable feeling that we will get it right this time”. He said