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APC round table: Jamil writes open Letter of complaint challenging his removal in a Whatsapp group


APC round table: Jamil writes open Letter of complaint challenging his removal in a Whatsapp group

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The Founder
APC Round Table
Adamawa State
APC Sectariat Yola

Dear Sir,

Open letter on my removal from the WhatsApp Platform of All Progressive Congress as a bonafide member.

My Dear Honourable Musa Terrang, I write to inform you of my unfortunate removal from the WhatsApp Platform of the APC round table, by one of Your admin in Person of Dr Umar Bindir, without clear, logical, and convincing reason whatsoever, I must add that am not aware of any warning, complaints against me or query in worse case to warrant such disrespect.

I find the whole situation very embarrassing and an insult on my person as well as all I have achieve within and for the interest of APC as a party.
I am particularly pained that my humble contribution could be so disregarded and disrespected in this manner.
It is also quite disappointing that instead of celebrating my contributions toward building APC as a political Party in the last 8 Years am greeted with such unkind treatment.
I mean it is on record and evident for every one to see that some of us have toiled day and night sacrificing our all including our hard earned resources towards building a strong Party over the years.
I equally did not look away nor hold back when our dear party needed infrastructure to stand shoulder to shoulder with other such organisation or groups. I committed huge resources without looking back and without holding any Political Appointment in any capacity, meanwhile we have members on this same Platform that are holding Political offices that never even bother to pay their mandatory membership dues to the Party still they enjoy full membership privileges including everything the rest of us labored for.

My hon sir, I would like to know what my offenses or the party’s grievances against me are that brought about my removal from the platform.

I also believe I deserve an unreserved apology immediately from the Person or persons responsible for this injustice and insult while requesting an immediate reinstatement back on the Platform.
Thank you sir for your immediate response and action.
God bless Nigeria, God bless ADAMAWA STATE, God bless ADAMAWA APC, and God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mallam Jamil Yusuf

APC Yola North