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It’s unfortunate at this time the prolong strike of the Academic Staff Union of universities (ASUU) chapter of the Adamawa State University (ADSU) basing in Mubi is turning into a face to face battle between the two rivalry faction claiming the leadership of the union in the institution.

The fight which symbolises the Dog and the Baboons in the jungle ring of power tussle where only the mighty can assume the leader of the ring has turned the school in a state of mockery to have not found peaceful ways in resolving the crisis.

The Dr Abubakar Song and Dr Kalil Bello faction went on a show of power yesterday at the ADSU gate of the university when a banner of resumption was hanged by the Kakil faction,that  infuriated the Song group to pulled down the lifted banners and hang up theirs with inscription “ASUU on strike”.

In confidence a student of the institution revealed to us how PhDs holders and senior lecturers were exchanging blows over the lingering crisis to show that the group that prevails is having the substantive chairman and thereby control affairs of the University’s union.

We equally learned that the Vice chancellor, Dr Moses Zaruwa team up with Song factional group to almost exchange punches with the Khalid’s factional group in the afternoon of yesterday, turning the main gate of the State University as a boxing rig.

The stories from one of VC’s caucus said Zaruwa is facing this stiff battle because of his unbending attitude toward probing the schools books of account that were been tempered with by so many ASUU members belonging to Song faction.

The Khalil faction held onto the portion of the union constitution in article 5,4 which stipulated that members can form a another union if a portion of Union’s constitution is violated.

The song mother splinter faction bend to make sure that the right thing is done, where initially submitted in a press conference of the VC’s incompetency to man the affairs of the school.

The senior Staff Association of Nigeria University (SSANU) of the University have also broke up into two splinter group, Comrade J K Fwa was impeached as a result of financial reckless installed Mrs Mary Bello.

The question from the lips of people in the state is how the VCs and all other stakeholders Of Education in the state cannot fashion out a lasting solution to the strike that has been keep students at home for more than three months.

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  1. Please, you people in ‘question’ should ask for God’s intervention and directives in order to bring a lasting solution to this lingering crisis happening in the environment of the wise which the society is looking up to. We should believe one fact here, which says ‘whatever you exhibited in this world is what you shall be judged with.’ Please, once more, embrace peace and God will bless you all.

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