Bauna: Adamawa Lawmaker in dilemma as Group petitions IG over threat to the life of Desmond


Bauna: Adamawa Lawmaker in dilemma as Group petitions IG over threat to the life of Desmond

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The group has petitioned the Inspector General of Police complaining of criminal intimidation and threat to life against Hon Bauna Myamdasa, a member representing Lamurde constituency at the Adamawa State House of Assembly.

The group, Democratic Defense Initiative (DDI) said Bauna has grossly committed a criminal offense against Hon Desmond Minakro whom he has threatened to “eliminate him”.

DDI forwarded the letter to IG after Bauna insisted on sending the death threat through one Musa Gengle, a politician in Adamawa State, and reiterated their seriousness knowing the issue at stake involved life and death.

DDI in a letter signed by the national President, Dr Felix Idah Woboso said Minakro is the group’s national secretary that his life is in jeopardy that they will not allow someone like Bauna, a political figure with influence to waste his life over frivolities issues.

The letter read that DDI has regarded the death threat seriously and wants the IGP to treat it as urgently as possible because Bauna gave Gengle the Message of being the state coordinator of the organization knowing well he would convey the message rightly and to the appropriate quarters.

“The conduct of Hon Bauna Myamdasa in this regard is contrary to section 382(b) of the Adamawa State Penal Code law 2018. We view his action as an abuse of democratic principles which he was elected to protect.

“It’s our candid belief that the police must protect the lives and properties of its citizens. Upon this, we believe. We thereby urge the Inspector General of Police to use his good office and order an investigation in this regard to protect our active national secretary from any planned harm.” The letter read

Checks by Daily times revealed that Desmond attracted the anger of Bauna when he did a documentary of all the non-serving Lawmakers and those currently serving at both the state and national assembly without including his achievements as a current sitting member representing the Lamurde constituency of the Adamawa State House of assembly.

When contacted Hon Bauna Myamdasa described DDI’s letter as laughable as child’s play and said is a roadside organization that cannot scare him with empty.

He admitted that he had a misunderstanding with Desmond whom he had sent a message through Gengle and challenged him to take him to court and see who would be at the receiving end.

“They should go to court if they are a serious organization to seek redress, or if Desmond believes that I gave him life threats he should equally go to court in Person, why is he hiding in a roadside organization to fight?

“I know my right and nobody can’t just cage me down because he thinks he can get away with it. I’m equal to the task they should do me in a competent court of law.

“Why would they even bring up the issue now while I stubbled on the letter many weeks ago on some social media platforms without sending it to me officially? Security is there, and all agencies to take any formal actions are there why are they wasting their time? Bauna Said