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Be patient with Tinubu’s administration, CAN appeals to Nigerians


Be patient with Tinubu’s administration, CAN appeals to Nigerians

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has appealed to Nigerians to be more patient with the administration of President Bola Tinubu as he works to solve the myriad of challenges facing the nation.
CAN President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, stated this after his first visit to the State House, Abuja to congratulate President Tinubu and pledge support to the success of the administration.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting with the President, Okoh observed that the President, since assuming office, has shown himself to be sensitive to the situations facing Nigerians and has since been taking steps to find solutions to the challenges.

He noted that Nigerians, including the Christian community, have been noticing the President’s efforts to set the country back on the right path, adding that the current challenges were as a result of many years build, which he said will take some time to sort out.

“Sincerely, what we found out is that the President is sensitive to all these challenges that we have. He’s aware, and we see him making very positive steps, even from the beginning of his administration by the way, he has made appointments so far. ⁣

“He has come with a great sense of inclusiveness. And Nigerians have a sense of belonging as Nigerians and in this government and I tell you that his pronouncements so far and his body language have increased the confidence of Nigerians in Nigeria and we believe that, given the chance, he will do a lot more and we are praying that the Lord will strengthen his hand, to be able to do more and turn around the fortunes of this country.⁣

“We know that there are a lot of challenges, but what we tell our people is that this is just the beginning of this administration and Nigeria is big and what we face now started not just today. It started many years back, and it will take a while to turn around these things.

“But the important thing is that there is an intentional step that the President has taken, and is taken to reverse the trend of events, especially in the area of governance, we see it very clearly and we see the effort is making towards securing this nation.

“So we ask the Nigerians who are watching and those people who seem to have lost hope, to not lose hope, but to have patience and persevere, though it is night, we know that a new dawn is just in the horizon,” he said.

(The Nation)