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Birthday: Celebrating a Woman of Substance, Nina, a Nigerian American serving humanity


Birthday: Celebrating a Woman of Substance, Nina, a Nigerian American serving humanity

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To a great woman of influence, a consummate of humility, wisdom, and fear of God.

Nina, a Nigerian American who is serving God through humanity this medium has found her a woman with a heart of gold who is changing the destiny of Many people around the world with her good virtues of love, philanthropy and as a perfect humanist.

A world renowned journalist, a good Mother and a pillar of support to anyone that God allows their paths to cross.

Today turned around to mark her day, It’s the Birthday of this great woman, and our thoughtful wishes of God’s enabling Grace to Carry on Strong, to go on to the finishing line with the emergency victory of a healthy runner. Nina, today you are indeed a celebrity in your own capacity home and abroad who is doing well in your own field of endeavor. Whatever you have become, it was a decision premeditated, predestinated, and pre-conceived today by God’s wisdom of thought.

My dear sister, I join others to thank God, the host and the ruler of heaven and earth to extend our deepest heart of prayers and show of Love that the grace upon your life of love to humanity will not be quenched. You will constantly see, experience, and encounter divine favor anywhere you go.

Ma, at work, fear not, Where you are be rest assured the Angels and saints will be the clouds of witnesses to protect you throughout your remaining years on earth. As I wake up to pray, I extend it to people I love and care for their success and safety you are one of my favorites who God allows to see Mercy, compassion, and abiding Grace who is aging in grace.

It is the destiny of the sun to come out and shine every day. So shall You will forever remain relevant and shine in all areas of your operation. Because of today Ma, there shall be great celebrations and unlimited joy in your life and household. You will move from shame to fame. From Success to Significance and Glory.

My super Sister, I pray the psalmist prayers for you that When anyone comes to attack you like a mighty flood, I call upon the names of God to fight for you. It is written that many will look for ur downfall, but they will never overpower you. By the authority of the words of Almighty God those who pursue you shall never overtake you, both in health, business, and work.

So for life, Your Plans will not fail, Your Destiny will not be aborted, And the Desires of your Heart will be granted.

Sis Happy Birthday, cheers! It’s truly coming from our heart. CONGRATULATIONS!

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