Birthday: TG News felicitates with Ex-SGF BD Lawan, says is Nigeria’s true leader


Birthday: TG News felicitates with Ex-SGF BD Lawan, says is Nigeria’s true leader

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As Nigerians are still in the euphoria and atmosphere of the Birthday celebration of nationhood from colonial masters, Military and civilian regimes, The General News (TG News) is celebrating the birth of another great Nigerian, Engr Babachir David (BD) Lawan for marking his birthday today.

The online news tabloid with its corporate headquarters in Yola, Adamawa state described Lawan who was a former secretary to the government of the federation during former president Muhammadu Buhari’s first tenure a true Nigerian leader who is also worthy to be celebrated.

In a statement signed by the Chief Publisher, Tom Garba on behalf of the organization’s editorial team praised Lawan as a stallion leader who is not ashamed of telling the truth to inspire others, and stands on the conviction of what he believes.

The news medium said today is another great day worthy of celebration for remembering a day like this when Lawan came into existence and always speaking out for the truth in the interest of Humanity, especially the downtrodden, the neglected, and the voiceless.

“Sir, thank you for standing tall for humanity, with a relentless voice, you are always prepared day or night with a crystal clear vision to say and go after what you believe.

“May today, the 2nd of October 2023 symbolize a renewal of your faith in freedom, your devotion to democracy, and re-double your efforts to fight, keep and stand for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people forever and ever.

“Sir, we pray God to grant you all that you can use to defend the common Man as you always do. It is a great day which is also commemorating our country’s independence may it give new grace to have a task to give your voice for the nation’s corporate growth goodness will live in the hearts of a free people.

“May justice through you light to guide our feet in this nation and peace shall be the goal of humankind. ” The statement said

“We wish you good health and vigor to remain calm and have stability of wisdom, peace of mind, and prosperity in all aspects. Above all, we wish you heaven at last. Congratulations Sir. ”