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Book Review by Frank Tietie :What Britain did to Nigeria


Book Review by Frank Tietie :What Britain did to Nigeria

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By Max Siollun

Max Siollun in his latest book documents the origins of the infamous British intervention in the geo-politics of the area that is today known as Nigeria.

From the treachery of British spies like Hugh Clapperton who successfully deceived the Elkanemi and Sarkin Muslumi Bello to the fall of their kingdoms in the 19th century, to the forces that drove and shaped the #EndSARS protests of 2020, Siollun offers perspectives capable of helping Nigerians to understand the roots of their modern political problems and socio-economic backwardness.

The tragedy of the British intervention is actually how it has made us forget who we are. Take Benin (in modern Edo State) for example, the white man at that time, marveled at the Oba and his people and he thought that their advancement in mathematics, building technology and artistry could only have been done by extraterrestrial beings. Imagine spending over 150 million man hours to build solid mass of high walls over a distance of 16,000 kilometers? The Binis should truly wonder about their ancestors and cause them to reinvent themselves. But what has become of the people today? What has happened to their psyche? We somehow secretly think the white man is superior to us whereas just about 400 years ago, the Caucasian race secretly believed we were superior. How did we lose it? Who deceived us? The answers are more historical than political. Let’s make efforts to understand where we are coming from, and where we are presently and then decide where to go.
– Frank Tietie