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Boya: Over 9000 People benefit from Adamawa HoR palliative Support


Boya: Over 9000 People benefit from Adamawa HoR palliative Support

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Some of the palliative distributed today by Barr Boya

Over Nine thousand Adamawa, citizens have today benefited from the gesture of the House of Representatives (HoR) Lawmaker representing Fofure/Song Federal Constituency, Barr Aliyu Wakili Boya of palliative support to cushion the effects of Fuel subsidy removal.

The House of Boya along Army Barracks road in Yola is filled to the brim with hundreds of people who are mostly from his constituency to collect food items ranging from rice, noodles, food seasoning, and cash support.

Boya addressed the mammoth crowd and encouraged them to the pain they are passing through is a phase as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is doing all he can to tackle the economic crunch.

He assured them his representation is people-driven with Bills lining up to address the challenges of the constituency.

According to him, he has been a grassroots politician who is mindful of their immediate need if they can recall his leadership role as a Local Government Chairman of Fofure.

He said Fofure is one of the biggest Local Governments but he was able to perform well and give the best he can that posterity will judge him well.

The Chairman House Committee on Federal Colleges of Education assured them of a better and more enhanced relationship with the two local governments of Fofure and Song that is representing.

He said the food support is a palliative aid mapped out to help cushion the effect of the fuel subsidy removal that is biting hard on every Nigeria.

“It is more painful because our President is trying to face the economic problem headlong and at the end of the day we will all smile at the decision he took.

I’m only employing them to be patient and believe in his government that it is a phase that will all end with a smile. I urge you to have a rising hope that all will be well in due time. ” Boya said

Some of the beneficiaries commended him and prayed for him to have a successful ending in his tenure.

Alhaji Manu Usman Rabiu, 65 years prayed for the Lawmaker to end well as he has done well by providing food on his table.

According to him, he can’t remember the last that his wife cooked rice and noodles. But today Boya has made him eat like a King.

Another beneficiary, Rabi Mustapha immensely thanked Boya for coming to their need at the nick of time. I