CBN/FAAN relocation: You’re Nigerian problem, leave Tinubu alone, PDP Chieftain blasts Northern Senators


CBN/FAAN relocation: You’re Nigerian problem, leave Tinubu alone, PDP Chieftain blasts Northern Senators

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The call by the Nigerian Northern Senators forum (NSF) asking Nigerians, especially Northerners to reject the relocation of some departments of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the headquarters of Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to Lagos was talked down by a People’s Democracy Party (PDP) Chieftain.

Ahmad Lawan a Chieftain of the ruling party in Adamawa State blasted the Northern Senators as gullible politician who have succeeded in lurking around the country with poor representation should shun from such an unpatriotic calls.

Ahmad said Northern Senators are the region problem and have added to the country’s underdevelopment status by not calling to order relevant agencies and authority to implement good policy of the government.

He said the decision of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to relocate the CBN and FAAN organization is wise and viable in cutting the cost of management and building another mega offices of FAAN while there is an existing one in Lagos that will serve the purpose is far much better and shows Tinubu’s administration is meticulous with spending public funds.

He said FAAN headquarter in Lagos is ideal place to be seeing the concentration of air cargos and most of the organization’s operations is taken place there.

He lamented that the Northern Senators were good at using ethnic, religious, and regional politics in dividing the nation.

According to him they have never united in bringing development to the region and they are nothing but corrupt crop of politicians that their unity is easily seen in the area of sharing Money for themselves against the general interest of the Northern region.

Ahmad challenged them to show Nigerians where they have called the attention of the government at the Central level over issues of insecurity, infrastructural development, and high levels of unemployment bedeviled the region.

He urged them to hold their Peace, they are unnecessarily heating the polity with undue demand and let them wait four years to bring in a different government that would reverse any policy that are not okay with it.

Ahmad during an interview with the TGNEWS correspondent via telephone call reminded the Lawmakers to go back to the drawing board and make laws that will suit their interests not at this time that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is setting agenda in place to work for the country.

“We are tired with the Way and manner our political leaders are using us in the north for a ride. What is bad in making a decision that will tackle corruption for the nation? Is it in relocating CBN and FAAN to Lagos that they will then have a voice in the name of NSF?

“Whatever Tinubu is doing is just a matter of four years to come, let them wake up and conquer the primordial sentiments of regional politics of using religion, region and ethnic brainwashing us in the north, we cannot accept that any longer from any politician. They should allow the president to concentrate on working for the country. Let me reiterate that the unpatriotic call of the Senators regards the FAAN and CBN relocation is a sign of representation by the northern Senators. If it’s not like that where is the laws they made that was accented for the overall interest of the country? What developments do they lobby for in the interest of the region?

“The region is currently becoming a stateless zone and conquered by bandits infringing people right to life, movement and worship with high level of insecurity. What is their efforts in the area of naira devaluation and high level of unemployment?

“They are just trying to set the people of Northern Nigeria to pick up a fight against Tinubu for not just cause. We will stop this, we want peace in country and we are tired with the kind of politics they are using us for.” Lawan said