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Certificate Forgery: Instead of Sani, why not Bwacha, or others for Taraba state ministerial slot nomination?


Certificate Forgery: Instead of Sani, why not Bwacha, or others for Taraba state ministerial slot nomination?

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We have read a lot of write-ups in respect of Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s case and that of Sani Danladi, the ministerial nominee from Taraba State. To the best of our knowledge and of many Nigerians no court of competent jurisdiction, even a magistrate court has ever made a categorical judgement about the credibility of His Excellency, Bola Tinubu. Whereas, the case of Sani Danladi is a case where the highest court, the almighty Supreme Court has passed a negative judgemental verdict on the Nominee. For anyone to compare the case of Mr President with that of Sani is just trying to be unnecessarily mischievous.

I think, for Mr Presidents’ good intensions not to be misconstrued, all nominees with similar cases like that of Sani Danladi should be stepped down and new nominees be sent to the Senate for confirmation.

In spite of low trust credited to the political class in Nigeria today, there are still men of moral standards, character and capacity. Taraba State can still pride of having the likes of:.Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha; Engr. Ahmed Yusuf; Sen. George Anthony Manzo; Amb. Hassan Ardo; Chief David Sabo Kente; Hon. Babangida Ngoroje. Any of the above deserves all the recognition and applause. Most importantly, very well deserves the reward of being a great and trustworthy Nigerian.

Their experiences could be viewed as valuable qualifications that can be considered in evaluating their suitability for the role of Minister from Taraba State. They are equiped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure required to handle the responsibilities of a Ministerial position.

Worthy of note is that most of the suggested names above have served either the state or nation as Commissioners, members of Boards or Commissions at the Federal level, Senators, Ambassadors and some critically important positions in Nigeria.

In addition, some of them are both technocrats as well as politicians. And again some are business tycoons. The list has a wide range for the president to make a very good choice, following the recent trends that reports the barring of Sani Danladi by the Supreme Court to hold any public office due to forgery. Any of the above can fit in adequately.

The nomination and selection of a minister should be based on merit, competence, and a track record of achievements. Ultimately, it would be the responsibility of the President and other authorities of the party and the Tinubu Team to evaluate the credentials of all potential candidates and select the most suitable candidate for the role of a minister from Taraba State. In all and by every measure, Taraba needs a nominee that has a combination of being a technocrat and politician. Putting this consideration could spring up a nominee that will be less rancorous and acceptable from and by the majority of the people of Taraba State and indeed Nigerians..

Culle from The Taraba facts, Eagle Eyes archives